Verdict Expected Next Week in Roxana Saberi Iranian Spy Appeal

An Iranian court has heard the appeal of Roxana Saberi and will issue a verdict next week. Saberi, an Iranian-American journalist, was convicted of spying by Iran but no evidence or details of the charge have ever been released, CNN.  The appeal was originally scheduled to be heard next Tuesday, but was moved up to today. See our previous posts about Saberi’s hunger strike, Citizen’s Daily Brief and on Saberi’s initial conviction.

According to a doctor in Sri Lanka, 378 civilians are reported dead in the northern warzone that has been the center of fighting for the past several months. Over 1,100 were wounded. As Sri Lanka moves to eliminate Tamil Tiger rebels after decades of fighting, the Sri Lankan military has stepped up attacks significantly. The military has denied launching the artillery barrage that killed the civilians overnight. The information comes from a government doctor who treated the wounded. Journalists and observers are not allowed near the warzone, Globe and Mail.

The new Star Trek movie, “Star Trek,” took in $31 million at the box office on Thursday and Friday, the first two days of its opening weekend, Associated Press. The film is 96% fresh on Rotten Tomatoes. Maureen Dowd remains on the cutting-edge of the pop-cultural zeitgeist in her punny column, asking “Can we Kling On to our newspapers in the galactic age?”

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