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Guatemalans Call For President to Step Down

Crowds in Guatemala are gathering to call for their president to step down after the death of a lawyer was tied to the head of state. Rodrigo Rosenberg was killed Sunday while riding his bike, one day after he sent a video and letter to Guatemala media outlets accusing President Colom in case of his death. Rosenberg was the lawyer of a businessman who was killed last year, Sky News.

The Coral Triangle in southeast Asian waters is likely to vanish by the end of the century if humans don’t change their patterns, a new report is suggesting. The coral reefs and diverse wildlife are endangered because of global warming, as are humans as the area supports over 100 million people. The report says combating against climate change, overpopulation, and over-fishing can help save the area, CNN.

House Speaker Nancy Pelosi announced today that the CIA and Bush administration misled her about the use of waterboarding on detainees. Speaker Pelosi told reporters that she was explicitly told at a 2002 briefing that waterboarding was not being used. Pelosi, and other leading Democrats, are calling for a “truth commission” to investigate the Bush administration’s actions regarding the War on Terror, USA Today.

Roxana Saberi was released from prison on Monday and has finally left Tehran. The Iranian-American journalist was jailed in Iran and senentenced to eight years for “spying.” Fortunately, international response caused an appeals court to reconsider her case and found her not guilty, NPR.

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Pope Calls for Creation of Palestinian “Homeland”

Pope Benedict XVI is touring the Middle East. He arrived in Israel today and, in a speech at the Ben Gurion Airport in Te Aviv, called for the establishment of a separate Palestinian state, CNN. Full text of the pope’s comment: “I call upon all available officials to be part of the quest for a just settlement…so that the two peoples can live in peace in their own homelands within secure and internationally recognized borders.”

Tamils living in Canada staged a massive protest last night, blocking the on-ramp to the Gardner Expressway, a major highway in Toronto. The protest lasted six hours and three people were arrested. The protesters voluntarily moved to Queen’s Park outside the Ontario Provincial Legislature after receiving assurances that the Liberal party would bring up there concerns in Canada’s parliament today at Question Period , Globe  and Mail. The UN has confirmed a Sri Lankan doctor’s account of shelling that resulted in at least 378 civilian deaths and more than 1,000 wounded. Many more were said to be buried where they fell. The UN has called the attack a “bloodbath,” BBC News.

Mainland China confirms its first case of swine flu. The individual was a Chinese student returning home from the United States. Over 4,300 have the virus worldwide, Xinhua.

And, in an update on breaking news, Iranian-American journalist Roxana Saberi has been released from jail in Iran and is on her way to the United States, BBC News.

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Breaking: Father Says Roxana Saberi Will Be Released

Reza Saberi, the father of Roxana Saberi, the American-Iranian journalist who was convicted by Iran on spy charges, reports that she will be released today. Reza Saberi said that his daughter’s conviction would still stand, but that her sentence will be reduced to a two-year suspended sentence, CNN.

See also Citizen’s Daily Brief’s reporting on Saberi’s appeal trial.

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Verdict Expected Next Week in Roxana Saberi Iranian Spy Appeal

An Iranian court has heard the appeal of Roxana Saberi and will issue a verdict next week. Saberi, an Iranian-American journalist, was convicted of spying by Iran but no evidence or details of the charge have ever been released, CNN.  The appeal was originally scheduled to be heard next Tuesday, but was moved up to today. See our previous posts about Saberi’s hunger strike, Citizen’s Daily Brief and on Saberi’s initial conviction.

According to a doctor in Sri Lanka, 378 civilians are reported dead in the northern warzone that has been the center of fighting for the past several months. Over 1,100 were wounded. As Sri Lanka moves to eliminate Tamil Tiger rebels after decades of fighting, the Sri Lankan military has stepped up attacks significantly. The military has denied launching the artillery barrage that killed the civilians overnight. The information comes from a government doctor who treated the wounded. Journalists and observers are not allowed near the warzone, Globe and Mail.

The new Star Trek movie, “Star Trek,” took in $31 million at the box office on Thursday and Friday, the first two days of its opening weekend, Associated Press. The film is 96% fresh on Rotten Tomatoes. Maureen Dowd remains on the cutting-edge of the pop-cultural zeitgeist in her punny column, asking “Can we Kling On to our newspapers in the galactic age?”

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Two Mysterious Deaths at Thai Resort

An American tourist’s death at a Thai resort is raising lots of questions. Jill St. Onge, 27, from Seattle was on vacation on Phi Phi island with her fiancee when she began vomiting in her room and eventually passed away less than a day after becoming sick. A 22-year-old Norwegian tourist died last month at the same resort, CNN.

Jacob Zuma has been officially sworn in as South Africa’s new president. President Zuma, who is immensely popular in the country, has vowed reconciliation in the African state and to improve his people’s lives, BBC News.

A UN peacekeeper was shot and killed in southern Darfur during a carjacking. The officer was killed while parking his car in front of his home. The man’s name and nationality have not yet been released, Sky News.

Roxana Saberi, the American journalist jailed in Iran for spying, has had her court date moved up in the Middle Eastern country. An appeals court will hear her case after she was sentenced to eight years of prison. The appeal was supposed to be heard Tuesday, but will now be heard this Sunday, giving her lawyers less time to review the case. Officials said that the original date of the case was a mistake, CNN.


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U.S. Afghanistan Attack Kills Dozens on Eve of DC Meeting

U.S. led strike in western Afghanistan kills dozens of civilians according to the Red Cross. 25 to 30 Taliban were also killed in Bula Balek. The fighting started after Taliban fighters attacked police checkpoints, killing three Afghan police. The Afghan army and U.S. trainers called in airstrikes after the fighting escalated. The strike comes just as Pakistan President Asif Ali Zardari and Afghanistan President Hamid Karzai meet with President Obama in Washington DC, BBC News. President Obama’s schedule. Violence has increased as a peace agreement between Taliban militants and Pakistan collapsed in the Swat Valley near the Pakistan/Afghanistan border.

Mohammed Ajmal Kasab, the sole surviving member of the group that carried out the Mumbai attacks has pled not guilty, Washington Post.

Two blasts in Iraq kill at least 11, Al Jazeera.

Eight charged in Turkey for the blood-feud fueled attack during a wedding, Belfast Telegraph. Nicholas Birch on how the feud is indicative of the destabilizing effects of the war in Kurds in Turkey, the Independent.

19 are dead and 180,000 homeless in heavy flooding in Brazil, Associated Press.

Jailed Iranian/American journalist Roxana Saberi has ended her hunger strike. Saberi was convicted in Iran of spying and is awaiting appeal. Iranian officials have said that, unlike at her original trial, Saberi’s lawyer will have time to prepare her case and independent lawyers will be able to observe the trial. The appeal will also be decided by a panel of three judges rather than just the judge who made the initial guilty ruling, CNN.

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Update: Roxana Saberi on Hunger Strike in Protest of Iran Spying Conviction

Roxana Saberi, the Iranian/American journalist convicted of “spying,” remains in prison in Iran. Details of her trial or evidence of her alleged crime have not been released. Saberi is appealing the verdict. U.S. Secretary of State Hilary Clinton, in an appearance before the Senate Foreign Relations Committee on April 30, said that she is very concerned about Saberi who has gone on a hunger strike in protest of the conviction, Fox News.

More information on how you can help at the website Free Roxana Saberi.


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Death Toll from Swine Flu Reaches 70; Another Case in Texas

Another swine flu case in the U.S., bringing total known cases to eight. A family in Texas is in quarantine after their teenage son contracted swine flu. Much of Mexico City remains closed this weekend as soldiers and police pass out surgical masks, CNN. The death toll from the flu in Mexico has reached 70, Telegraph. CDC Video podcast: protect yourself from swine flu.

Craigslist founder Craig Newkirk says he won’t close the “erotic” section on Craigslist despite its recent use by Philip Markoff, whom the media has dubbed the “Craigslist Killer” to meet women that he allegedly murdered, USA Today. Markoff’s family visited him in jail where he tells him to “forget about me,” according to sources, Boston Herald. Police have said Markoff’s  fingerprints were found at two of the crime scenes and the gun found in his apartment is an initial forensic match, CBS News.

Roxana Saberi, a reporter who is a dual U.S.-Iranian citizen, who has been convicted in Iran on charges of spying for the US is now on a hunger strike, according to her father, BBC News.


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