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Links for the Latest Haiti News

Check out CDB’s sticky page for Haiti, Recent news from Haiti, for links and updates. Follow CDB’s Haiti list for news and eyewitness accounts on Twitter.

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Update: Today’s U.S. Election Results

Gubernatorial Elections:

  • New Jersey: Republican Christopher Christie defeats incumbent Jon Corzine (D).
  • Virginia: Robert McDonnell (R) defeats Dem. Creigh Deeds. It’s the first Republican governor elected in 8 years, and Republicans also elected for Lt. Gov. and Atty. General.

House Elections:

  • CA-10: John Garamendi (D) wins. Gov. Schwarzenegger will have to nominate someone to fill his vacant Lt. Gov. seat.
  • NY-23: Democrat Bill Owens defeats Conservative Doug Hoffman in a very conservative district. This contest had been watched heavily by the media.

Mayoral Elections:

  • Atlanta: According to early results, with no candidate attaining a majority, Mary Norwood and Kasim Reed will partake in a runoff election in December.
  • Boston: Mayor Tom Menino is elected to a record fifth term.
  • Chapel Hill, NC: Mark Kleinschmidt becomes the third openly gay mayor in North Carolina.
  • Charlotte: Democrat Anthony Foxx defeats Republican John Lassiter.
  • Cleveland: Democrat Frank Jackson has won reelection over Bill Patmon.
  • Houston: Will likely head to a runoff. If Annise Parker wins the runoff, she’ll be the first openly lesbian mayor to serve.
  • New York City: Michael Bloomberg wins reelection; will serve a third term as mayor.
  • Pittsburgh: Democrat Luke Ravenstahl defeats Independent candidate Franco Harris.

Other notable races:

  • Maine Proposition 1 (Maine’s Ban on Gay Marriage): The vote is currently too close to call.
  • Democrat John Liu has become the first Asian-American to hold a citywide office in New York City after being elected as comptroller.
  • Margaret Chin becomes the first Asian City Council member in New York City.

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Hiatus Until Monday

Your editor Betsy is getting married this weekend, so we won’t be able to update until Monday. Thanks!

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Green for the Iranian Revolution

We’ve gone green to show our support for the people in Iran. Follow our Twitter for updates on the situation and check back tonight for the Evening Edition.

We also want to say that Andrew Sullivan is going above and beyond with his coverage on Iran. Make sure to read his blog for the best updates.

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Update: What’s Happening in Iran

It’s past midnight in the States, but Iran is just waking up, and waking up to continuing protests. Since our live coverage ended, all power went down in Tehran. The only info coming from the area was via satellite. Now it seems that only a few people can connect through Twitter, and among them is Farhad who is providing amazing coverage. Farhad was watching the scene as police tried to enter a university in Tehran to arrest protesters. Tear gas was fired.

Mousavi’s Twitter was updated during the night to say that he was under house arrest. There have since been reports that 10 of his campaign supporters, leaders in the reform party, have been arrested.

While we’re down, we urge you to follow the protests on Twitter or through BBC’s coverage, really the only major organization giving any info at all. Check the Morning Edition for more info around 9-10am.

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Update: Info on Some Passengers on Flight 447

We now know the identities of some of the passengers that were flying on Air France’s Flight 447, which disappeared over the Atlantic Ocean this morning. We’ll provide information on more as details become available.

Relatives confirm Brazil’s Prince Pedro Luís of Orléans-Braganza, born in 1983 and fourth in line for the crown, was on the plane.

Sky News reports the three Irish nationals on board were all women in their 20s, best friends on holiday in Brazil. Local reports say that Aisling Butler of Roscrea, Co Tipperary, Jane Deasy of Dublin and Eithne Walls of Belfast, who graduated together from Trinity College in Dublin, were on the plane.

The Michelin tire company has stated three of their executives were on board, including Luiz Roberto Anastacio, the president of their South American operations.

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Update: Air France Flight 447 Crash

It has been almost ten hours since France announced Flight 447 had disappeared off their radar, and now we have more information about the passengers on the flight. An Air France official has announced there were 58 Brazilians, 61 French, 26 Germans, 9 Chinese, 5 Britons, and 2 Americans, among others, on board. You can find the complete list here.

The wreckage has not been found, but President Sarkozy of France says the change of finding any survivors is very small. The plane, en route to Paris from Rio de Janeiro, went down in the Atlantic Ocean this morning after apparently being struck by lightning. What is known as the plane hit stormy weather and called in a distress call, saying their electrical circuit had failed. More details as we get them.

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Honduras Earthquake Update: 4 Children Killed

At least 4 children died in the 7.1 magnitude earthquake that hit Honduras early this morning. The announcement of the children’s deaths brings the total fatality count to 5. Rescue workers warn that there may be more yet to be found, Reuters.

See CDB’s live blog for a timeline of the events.

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