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Obama to meet Dalai Lama despite Chinese objections

U.S. President Barack Obama will meet with Tibet’s spiritual leader, the Dalai Lama, today despite Chinese concerns. China views the Dalai Lama as a threat because he calls for autonomy for Tibet, CNN.  More on the relationship between the West and the Dalai Lama, BBC News.

8 of the 10 American missionaries detained in Haiti after attempting to leave the country with children they claimed to be orphans have been released. The children in fact were not orphans- their parents had been told the children were being taken to the Dominican Republic, Washington Post.

More fallout from the Israel planned assassination of a Hamas commander in Dubai last month, Al Jazeera. Stolen UK passports were used by the assassins to enter Dubai, BBC News.

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Blair defends Iraq War decision

Former Prime Minister Tony Blair is testifying on his decision to partner with the United States to take Great Britain into the Iraq War in 2003 today, Voice of America. Key points of Blair’s testimony, the Guardian. Guide to the inquiry, BBC News.

Members of the Uighur ethnic group living in China who fled to Cambodia after riots caused by ethnic unrest last July were forcibly returned to China in December. Their whereabouts now are unknown, Human Rights Watch says. HRW is calling for the Chinese government to say where they are being held and to give those detained fair trials, BBC News.

Aid is still not reaching many of the needy in Haiti, even 2 weeks after the earthquake that reduced the capital city of Port-au-Prince to rubble, Al Jazeera.

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Port-au-Prince airport reopens; relief efforts continue in Haiti

Victims of Tuesday’s earthquake in Haiti slept outdoors for a second night. Relief teams have arrived on the island. The airport at Port-au-Prince is back in working condition and planes are able to takeoff and land. The U.S. has sent military units to aid with the relief efforts as well as a search and rescue team from Fairfax, Virginia, Wall Street Journal. More on the logistical hurdles facing relief workers, Los Angeles Times. Aftermath of the earthquake in pictures, BBC News.  More background on the tragic history in Haiti, BBC News.

Google announced on Tuesday that the company is willing to pull out of China if the country does not relax its censorship laws. Google says that Chinese human rights advocates using the Gmail service have had their accounts attacked. Chinese officials responded by saying that companies doing business in China must follow Chinese laws, even if they include censorship, New York Times.

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Chinese Dissent Sentenced

A leading dissident in China, Liu Xiaobo, a literary critic and former professor, has been sentenced to prison for 11 years for “inciting subversion of state power.” Liu is co-author of Charter 08 which calls for China to reform its human rights abuses and to introduce competing political parties to reform the current one-party Communist system, Al Jazeera. Liu profile, Times Online.

Yemen conducted airstrikes that led to the deaths of at least 30 suspected members of Al Qaeda who were meeting in a remote part of the country, New York Times. Factbox on suspected targets of the strike, Reuters India.

A new policy issued by Maj. Gen. Anthony Cucolo, a top commander of U.S. forces in Iraq, that would have court marshaled female soldiers who became pregnant as well as their male sexual partners has been rescinded, Washington Post.

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Woman Stoned for Adultery in Somalia

A woman in Somali has been stoned to death for adultery. The 20 year-old woman had previously been married and was divorced but a strict reading of Sharia law does not allow even a divorced woman to have sex with another man. The woman’s boyfriend was given 100 lashes. Al-Shabab, the hard line Islamic group that controls much of southern Somalia, was responsible for the sentencing, BBC News.  More on the broken justice system in Somalia, BBC News.

Somali pirates once again attacked the Maersk Alabama, the U.S. ship that was hijacked last April, but the crew was able to repel the attack, MS-NBC.

The European Union will send 100 troops to train Somali forces in hopes that the forces will be able to stem the violence and restore order. The troops will train in Uganda next year, Reuters.

U.S. President Barack Obama finishes up his tour of Asia with a visit to South Korea, Yonhap. Analysis of President Obama’s visit to China, Associated Press.

The PBD series Frontline has a comprehensive look at the death of Neda Agha Soltan, including interviews with the doctor who tried to save her at the scene of the crime and information about the man who shot Neda. The show also provides a good review of the events of the disputed presidential election in Iran in June. A must watch for anyone who wants a better understanding of the situation. Watch the full program online. A transcript of the show will be available around November 24. Maps and video of the protests since June, BBC News. Frontline’s homepage for news on Iran, Tehran Bureau.

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Obama Speaks to Chinese Students

U.S. President Barack Obama led a town hall meeting with 400 students in Shanghai, China earlier today. Obama chose his words carefully to avoid controversy but he did criticize China for restricting internet access, Christian Science Monitor.

4 civilians were killed today in Afghanistan after militants fired 2 rockets into a crowded marketplace northeast of Kabul. The target of the attack was a meeting with the head of French forces in Afghanistan and local civilian leaders but the rockets missed their mark, Associated Press.

Kevin Rudd, the Prime Minister of Australia, apologized to the 150,000 children who were shipped to Australia from 1930 to 1970 where they were mistreated.

The Cleveland Rape Crisis Center has set up a special hotline for women who was victims of the violent rapist Anthony Sowell who lived on Imperial Avenue. 11 bodies have already been found on Sowell’s property and several women has reported that they were abused by Sowell but escaped, Cleveland Plain Dealer.

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China’s Ties with Africa Grow Deeper

Gov. Bobby Jindal of Louisiana has declared a state of emergency before the arrival of Hurricane Ida, which is expected to hit land in the next 36 hours. The declaration allows the state to use federal funds to prepare for the hurricane. Ida is currently a Category 2 hurricane, but expected to weaken, CNN.

91 people in El Salvador have died from flooding and landslides, though experts say this was caused not by Ida but a Pacific storm. Heavy rains have pounded the country for days and a state of emergency has been declared for five regions. 60 people are still missing, BBC News.

China has pledged $10 billion in low-cost loans to Africa over the next three years. China’s interest in Africa has been criticized lately, with some saying China is exploiting the land for ores and minerals, as well as encouraging corruption. Wen Jiabao, China’s premier, denies this and says the efforts in Africa are “more focused on improving people’s livelihoods,” Washington Post.

Hot Topic: Reporter recalls the evening the Berlin Wall came down.

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China’s Billionaires Bounce Back From Economic Crisis

China now boasts 130 individuals worth more than $1 billion U.S. At the top of the list is auto entrepreneur Huang Guangyu, Reuters.

Pakistan has started its military offensive in South Waziristan. Pakistani officials say that 80 percent of militants attacks are planned in the region. Bombers destroyed 15 houses in the Makeen, Ladha and Barwand regions of South Waziristan. Ground troops will go into the area later this week, Associated Press.

U.S. President Barack Obama has approved 13,000 support troops to be sent to Afghanistan. The troops will be medical officers and engineers, etc, not combat troops. The lead general in Afghanistan, General Stanley McChrystal, has said that he needs a significant increase in troops if the mission has a chance of succeeding, Voice of America.  Afghan President Hamid Karzai says he would welcome more troops. Karzai is still under heat for the widespread fraud reported during the recent presidential election, Reuters.

Though neither qualified for the 2010 World Cup, teams from Turkey and Armenia will play a football match on Wednesday as part of the renewed diplomatic relations between the two countries, AFP.

One family’s battle with cancer has become a battle for health care, CNN.

“I don’t think I could bear to listen to those words again. … ‘You have cancer,’ ” Elder said. “I’ve said to my husband, if I start to get sick, just set me up with a nice pill cocktail on a beach, because nobody cares. That’s the message you hear every day from insurance companies.”

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