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Breaking: Mexicali earthquake upgraded to 7.2 magnitude

About an hour ago, a 7.2-magnitude earthquake struck near Baja California, Mexico, close to the U.S. border. Geologists have initially said the quake was very shallow and about 6 miles deep. Reports also indicate that the quake could be felt in Los Angeles. So far a few eyewitnesses have said they’ve spotted damage in Mexico, but with electricity and telephone lines down near the epicenter, reports are scarce. Follow updates with the Los Angles Times.


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Controversial U.S. detainee policy in Afghanistan amended

The Haitian government has released new figures concerning rebuilding the country after January’s 7.0-magnitude earthquake, estimating the cost to be around $11.5 billion. A major conference will be held in New York on March 31st to discuss the plan, BBC News.

The U.S. has announced a change in policy that previously allowed soldiers to interrogate detainees in Afghanistan for 96 hours before having to release the detainees or turn them over to Afghani law enforcement. The new policy extends the time period to 14 days, and in some cases detainees may be held even longer. A Pentagon spokeman assured, “Most combatants we pick up on the battlefield will still be turned over to Afghani authorities within 96 hours,” CNN.

Fiji has suffered “overwhelming” damage from Cyclone Tomas, which pounded the South Pacific island for three days. Winds reportedly reached up to 130 mph, and one death has been reported, AP.

The Tamil Tigers, a rebel group in Sri Lanka, have declared that they no longer are seeking to establish their own separate homeland from the country. Many analysts believe this move may finally signal the end of civil war in the country, possibly ending the 25-year conflict, Guardian UK.

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Suicide blasts hit Iraq before Sunday’s election

The central Iraqi city of Baquba has been hit by three suicide attacks, killing at least 31. The bombings come just days before Sunday’s parliamentary elections. Iraqi police and military are on high alert before the elections and plan operations to prevent more attacks, BBC News.

The death toll from the 8.8-magnitude earthquake that rocked Chile on Saturday has reached almost 800, but officials say most of the deaths may have been caused by a tsunami. Many of the dead lived in coastal villages that were swept away by a tsunami that occurred as a result of the powerful earthquake, NPR.

Police have arrested three Spaniards believed of infecting 13 million computers with “the world’s biggest network of virus-infected computers.” The program allowed the suspects to steal personal and financial data from computers in over 190 countries, CNN.

The Greek government has approved more tax increases in the country, as well as pay cuts for government employees. The measures are expected to generate the financially strapped country $6.54 billion this year, NY Times.

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Aftermath of the earthquake in Chile

A deadly 8.8 magnitude earthquake struck Chile Saturday morning. More than 24 hours later, 300 are dead in Chile as a result of the quake and damages are expected to total into the tens of billions of dollars. Some residents in the town most affected by the quake, Concepcion, are still trapped under rubble, BBC News.

The earthquake will also effect global markets because Chile’s copper mines and oil refineries have been shut down, Reuters.

A tsunami alert that was issued for the entire Pacific has been lifted. Japan is maintaining a tsunami alert and has evacuated residents of coastal areas but the danger has mostly passed, Vancouver Sun.

Recent major earthquake timelines, Al Jazeera.

Photos of the quake, CNN.

Maps and info on the earthquake from the U.S. Geological Survey, USGS.

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Breaking: Massive earthquake hits Chile

An earthquake with an 8.8 magnitude has struck offshore, near Concepcion, Chile. The USGS has said the earthquake’s depth was over 21 miles, which is deep, but there are reports of significant damage and at least four people dead at this time (total updated at the end of post). At least three afterhshocks, one a magnitude 6.7, have also hit.

A tsunami watch is in effect for Ecuador, Colombia, Antartica, Panama and Costa Rica. BNO News is reporting: “A tsunami may have been generated that could potentially impact the U.S. west coast, British Columbia, and Alaska.”

More to come. Please refresh this post as all info will be added here, or you can check our tumblr or twitter for instant updates.

Update: 10:41am EST: 122 people are confirmed dead by local media and a tsunami is supposed to reach Hawaii’s shores within the next hour. The tsunami warnings for Chile, Ecuador, Peru, and Panama have been called off.

Update: 5:56am EST: BREAKING — A TSUNAMI WARNING HAS BEEN ISSUED FOR ALL OF THE PACIFIC, including Hawaii, Mexico, Japan, and the Philippines.

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Blair defends Iraq War decision

Former Prime Minister Tony Blair is testifying on his decision to partner with the United States to take Great Britain into the Iraq War in 2003 today, Voice of America. Key points of Blair’s testimony, the Guardian. Guide to the inquiry, BBC News.

Members of the Uighur ethnic group living in China who fled to Cambodia after riots caused by ethnic unrest last July were forcibly returned to China in December. Their whereabouts now are unknown, Human Rights Watch says. HRW is calling for the Chinese government to say where they are being held and to give those detained fair trials, BBC News.

Aid is still not reaching many of the needy in Haiti, even 2 weeks after the earthquake that reduced the capital city of Port-au-Prince to rubble, Al Jazeera.

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Relief effort continues slowly in Haiti

6 days after the devastating earthquake in Haiti, many residents are still without basic supplies, Al Jazeera. 2,000 U.S. marines are now in haiti to help withe the relief effort, BBC News. Rescue crews are still pulling the injured out of the rubble, but a lack of adequate medical supplies means many of those rescued have gone on to die of infection, CNN.

7 insurgents set off simultaneous attacks in Kabul, Afghanistan today. 2 men set off suicide vests while 5 others attacks with guns just 50 yards from the presidential palace. After several hours, the militants were killed by Afghan forces, New York Times.

The U.S. is observing Martin Luther King, Jr. Day today in honor of the slain civil rights leader. Thoughts of President Obama’s impact on race relations in the United States, Christian Science Monitor.

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Links for the Latest Haiti News

Check out CDB’s sticky page for Haiti, Recent news from Haiti, for links and updates. Follow CDB’s Haiti list for news and eyewitness accounts on Twitter.

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