Recent News About Health Care

  • 02/22/2010: U.S. President Barack Obama unveiled a new health care reform proposal today that attempts to reconcile the two bills passed by the House of Representative and the Senate, BBC News.
  • 01/09/2010: Barack Obama’s weekly address focuses on health care reform, Transcript. The U.S. Congress will make a final push for health care reform over the next few weeks. The Senate and House of Representative bills will need to be merged into one bill before it’s voted on and, if passed, signed by the President. President Obama has said that both bills largely meet the requirements he set when he first called for health care reform. The differences in the two bills, Washington Post.
  • 12/24/2009: Health  care reform is one step closer in the United States after the Senate passed health care reform legislation early this morning, Wall Street Journal.  The Senate and House of Representative bills still need to be reconciled before a bill will be ready for President Barack Obama to sign, Washington Post. Text of President Obama’s remarks on the passage, New York Times.
  • 12/09/2009: A tentative agreement in the U.S. Senate would drop a government-run healthcare plan from the Senate’s version of the healthcare reform bill and instead expand Medicare coverage, the government’s healthcare program for the elderly to those over 55. The bill still needs to be reconciled with the healthcare bill from the U.S. House of Representatives and then sign by President Barack Obama, Wall Street Journal.
  • 12/06/2009: President Obama met with Senate Democrats today as the chamber debated healthcare reform in a rare Sunday session. Obama’s spokesman said the President thanked the Democrats for their support and encouraged them to “continue forward on this historic opportunity.” The Senate is expected to heavily debate funds for abortion this week, CNN.
  • 12/03/2009: The U.S. Senate has passed an amendment to the health care bill that expands women’s access to things such as mammograms, which are preventive services, CNN.
  • 11/22/2009: The United States is one step closer to health care reform after the U.S. Senate voted last night 60-39 on a procedural motion to move debate further, Voice of America.
  • 11/22/2009: A Canadian woman has lost her long-term disability benefits for depression after an insurance agent for her private supplemental insurance saw a picture of her on Facebook smiling and having a good time on vacation, Associated Press.

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