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Fire at Russian Nightclub Kills 101

American Amanda Knox, 22, has been found guilty for the murder of her British roommate Meredith Kercher by an Italian jury. The case has garnered worldwide attention, in part due to Knox’s optimism that she would be acquitted of all charges. Her former boyfriend was also found guilty and Knox has been sentenced to 26 years in prison, CNN.

A fire at a Russian club has killed over 100 people. The fire occurred in the city of Perm and is believed to have by caused by fireworks, which were set off inside the club, BBC News.

Two Rwandan peacekeepers have been killed in Darfur by Sudan rebels. The peacekeepers were a part of the group Unamid, which have seen 19 of their workers killed in the area in the last two years, BBC News.

The opening matches and groups were set for the 2010 World Cup earlier today. Group G is largely considered the “Group of Death,” with Brazil, Portugal, and Ivory Coast all in the group. The U.S. and England will play a heavily anticipated match on June 12, CDB.

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African Nations Take Stand on Greenhouse Gas Emissions

The total number of bodies found in the home of a Cleveland man has risen to at least 10. Anthony Sowell, a convicted rapist, was arrested this weekend for rape after the bodies were found in his home and was charged today with murder, Reuters.

Fifty-five African nations have taken a stand during UN climate talks by declining to go forth with discussion unless the wealthiest nations agree to cut their greenhouse gas emissions. The U.S. itself has pledged before to cut their emissions by 4% on 1990 levels, but the developing countries want a 40% cut from the developed nations. If the Africans walk out, next month’s talks in Copenhagen will be rendered useless, Guardian UK.

Three missing North Dakota softball players have been found dead. The Dickinson State students had been missing since Sunday, and today their vehicle was found in a pond. Foul play is not suspected, ABC News.

The Czech Republic has signed the EU’s Lisbon Treaty, which will create a European Council president and change the way member states vote. With the Czech vote, the treaty is expected to be ratified in a few weeks, BBC News.

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Police Find Six Bodies in Cleveland Sex Offender’s Home

The remains of possibly six people have been found in the home of a registered sex offender in Cleveland, Ohio. The bodies were found inside 50-year-old Anthony Sowell’s home and in his backyard. Authorities searched the house after obtaining a search warrant in connection with an attack of a woman at his home in September. He is currently at large, WJW-TV.

Somali pirates are asking for a $7 million ransom after kidnapping a British couple vacationing on their yacht near the Somali coast, Reuters.

The Philippines is being hammered by yet another storm, causing thousands of evacuations and worsening flooding that is still affecting the country after previous storms this month. There are currently no reports of damage or causalities. Typhoon Mirinae is expected to hit the capital city of Manila tomorrow, BBC News.

Reports out of Mozambique are suggesting that President Armando E. Guebuza of the Frelimo Party is easily winning the country’s presidential election. Guebuza is promising to help solve the poverty crisis in the country, a heavy undertaking. The official results may not be released until November 12, New York Times.

Hot Topic: Reality Deals a Blow to Paris Bike Program.

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Yale Grad Student Was Asphyxiated

New Haven authorities say that an animal research lab technician may have had a role in the death of Annie Le, a Yale grad student whose body was found stuffed in a crawl space inside a research lab. A source says Le was asphyxiated and that the murder was not random. No arrests have been made so far, Hartford Courant.

An United Nations panel has reported that they have evidence of war crimes committed by both the Israeli army and armed Palestinian groups in Gaza. The panel suggests crimes against humanity may have been committed and that if the situation doesn’t change in six months, they will refer the case to the International Criminal Court. The panel found Hamas was guilty of firing rockets into Gaza, but mostly reprimanded Israel for their behavior, accusing the army of “an overall and continuing policy aimed at punishing the Gaza population.” The group found many instances when civilians were targeted and killed by soldiers, New York Times.

Several mortar or rocket attacks hit the Green Zone in Baghdad where U.S. Vice President Joe Biden is currently visiting, but officials confirm Biden is safe. The mortars hit near the U.S. Embassy and there is no word so far on causalities, BBC News.

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Milwaukee Police Arrest Suspected Serial Killer

Police in Milwaukee, Wisconsin have arrested 49-year-old Walter E. Ellis, who is suspected of murdering nine women over a span of 21 years. Ellis’ DNA was found on all nine of the bodies. Eight of the women were prostitutes and the other was a runaway, BNO News.

A 6.2 magnitude earthquake hit the country of Georgia today. The quake was shallow at only 6.2 miles deep and there are no reports so far of damage or causalities, BBC News.

President Obama delivered an energetic speech today at the A.F.L.-C.I.O. Labor Day picnic in Cincinnati about healthcare reform. Watch part of the remarks:

Hot Topic: Analysis: Furor over [Obama’s education] speech typifies polarization.

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Tensions Grow in Thailand Ethnic Fight

Tensions are rising in south Thailand as ethnic Malay Muslims are attempting to attain autonomy from the Buddhist rulers. Troops have been dispatched to the area for years, but violence is getting worse. 330 people have been killed this year alone and 3,500 have been killed since 2004, New York Times.

Police have arrested the man who made the 911 call to report several family members dead in a Georgia trailer park on Saturday. Guy Heinze, 22, told police he found seven people dead (an eighth died later), but police now say there is enough physical evidence and testimony to link him to the murders, Reuters.

The city of Washington, D.C. is working to set up mass vaccination centers to fight the spread of H1N1, commonly known as swine flu, Washington Post.

A former American soldier has received a life sentence for raping a 14-year-old girl in Iraq and killing her family. Steven Green, 24, will spend his life in prison and will not be eligible for parole, BBC News.

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California Wildfire Doubles in Size

The raging wildfire in California doubled in size today and has charred 105,000 acres. Firefighters are currently attempting to protect Mount Wilson from the fire, a historic area that houses world-famous telescopes and transmission equipment, Reuters.

Two members of the UN/African Union (Unamid) peacekeeping force have been kidnapped in Darfur. The man and woman were abducted in the town of Zalingei and their nationalities are not yet known, BBC News.

An eighth victim has died in Brunswick, Georgia after a mass murder at a mobile home on Saturday. A ninth person is in critical condition and police say they have no suspects, AJC.

Disney has announced they are buying comic book giant Marvel for about $4 billion in cash and stock, AP.

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Sen. Ted Kennedy Laid to Rest

Sen. Ted Kennedy was laid to rest this evening in Arlington National Cemetery, 95 feet away from his slain brothers President John F. Kennedy and Robert Kennedy. President Obama and former presidents Carter, Clinton, and Bush all attended a mass for Kennedy this morning in Boston. Kennedy was then flown to Andrews Air Force base and the hearse with his body drove to the Capitol where hundreds of people from the Senator’s staff were waiting on the Capitol’s steps to bid goodbye. Thousands also lined the route to the cemetery, CNN.

BBC News has a slideshow of photos from the mass here.

More votes have been counted in Afghanistan’s presidential election and it appears that President Karzai is handily winning with 46.2 percent of the vote. If he passes 50 percent, Karzai will not have to face a runoff with main political rival Abdullah Abdullah. However, the United Nations-backed Electoral Complaints Commission says they have received 270 complaints of election fraud and there are reportedly videos posted online that show potential fraud, New York Times.

Seven people were found dead this morning in a mobile home in Brunswick, Georgia. Two people were found alive but critically wounded at the scene. Police have not released further details, CNN.


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