Iran Convicts Journalist of Spying

Iran convicts journalist of spying. Roxana Saberi is a journalist with dual Iranian and American citizenship who was arrested in Iran in January for buying alcohol. The second reason given for the arrest was an accusation Saberi was working in Iran without proper press credentials, but that charge was later changed to spying for the United States, USA Today.

Pirate attacks continue. Dutch commandos working under the authority of NATO freed 20 hostages from pirates, New York Times.

New guidelines on stem cell research from the NIH. In a change from the policy under President Bush, the National Institutes of Health have announced that researchers may use discarded stem cells obtained from fertility clinics, but that stem cells cannot be created specifically for research, NPR.

18 die in mine explosion in China. China reported the deaths of 3,200 mine workers last year but analysts say the actual number is even higher, BBC News.

North Korea announces it considers tougher sanctions a declaration of war. North Korea’s launch of a rocket using ballistic missile technology earlier this month prompted condemnation by the United Nations. North Korea insists the launch was not a weapons test but an attempt to put a satellite into orbit, CNN.


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