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At Least 10 Killed in Mogadishu Bomb Blast

A mortar bomb blast at a mosque in Somalia has killed at least 10. The blast occurred in the capital city of Mogadishu where fighting between pro-government forces and Muslim extremists have overtaken the city for the past few weeks. Over 250 people have been killed in the violence, BBC News.

Iran’s opposition leader, Mirhossein Mousavi, has called for protests tomorrow to call against Friday’s election and the deaths of protesters since the election results were announced. In a World Cup qualifying match today against South Korea, some Iranian footballers wore green to show their support for the revolution, Sky News.

Rep. Nita Lowey of New York announced yesterday on MSNBC’s Hardball that the House’s Appropriations Committee would increase the proposed budget of the Peace Corps to $450M. The Peace Corps, started by President Kennedy, suffered under the Bush administration from poor funding. But this year applications are up 40% for 2008 and Obama hopes to double the size of the organization. 20 countries that do not have any Peace Corps volunteers currently have expressed need for PC volunteers in their countries, MSNBC.

Hot Topic: NPR examines Mexico’s seemingly never-ending drug war here.


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Iran Bars Foreign Media from Reporting Protests

Iran has barred foreign media from covering the rallies that have sprung up in support of Mousavi, the Iranian presidential candidates who disputes the results of last Friday’s election. Journalists are not allowed to leave their hotel rooms. Iran’s national media, which is run by the government, has only been reporting on rallies in support of Ahmadinejad, CNN.

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12 Students Killed in Tehran Violence

It was estimated that over one million people attended today’s rallies in Tehran to show support for reform candidate Mousavi. At least one person was shot and killed at the rally, but according to pictures and videos circulating on the web, there were likely more deaths. Police are mostly targeting students and raiding university dormitories. At least 12 students have been killed in the raids, Guardian.

Pictures from the Boston Globe. | Bahramks.

At least three bodies of missing foreigners in Yemen have been found, although sources are saying it is possible more were recovered. Nine foreigners were kidnapped by a suspected Shia rebel faction while the group were on a picnic. Three of the nine kidnapped were children, and other reports say two children have been found alive, but this has not been confirmed, BBC News.

Scientists say a glacier in Argentina is actually growing, despite global warming. The Perito Moreno glacier grows using snow from the Andes, but they are not sure why this glacier is expanding while almost all others are shrinking or disappearing completely, AP.

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Green for the Iranian Revolution

We’ve gone green to show our support for the people in Iran. Follow our Twitter for updates on the situation and check back tonight for the Evening Edition.

We also want to say that Andrew Sullivan is going above and beyond with his coverage on Iran. Make sure to read his blog for the best updates.

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Breaking: Protester Shot at Mousavi Rally

A protester at a pro-Mousavi rally was shot today. Reports says the shooter was  a member of a pro-government militia. The police are standing down and have allowed the protests to continue, CBS News.

UPDATE: The major news organizations are now reporting one death, with an AP reporter witnessing police shooting at the crowd. Pictures of the casualities can be found here, but they are graphic.

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Bibi Will Allow Two-State Solution … But With Conditions

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu says he will back a two-state solution for Palestine, but only if Palestine is completely disarmed. Under his conditions, Palestine would not be allowed an army, would have no way of smuggling weapons, and would have no control over its own air space. The Prime Minister also said he was open to immediately having peace discussions with Palestine, BBC News.

Nine foreigners have been kidnapped in Yemen by Shia rebels. The group is comprised of mostly women and children, with seven Germans, a Briton and a Korean. Two of those kidnapped had been working in the country as nurses, BBC News.

We’ve been extensively covering the Iranian election chaos the past few days, and while we can’t give out much more confirmed information (foreign journalists are being expelled, power is down, and the only info is coming from Twitter), we can give you a brief rundown of the situation as it stands now.

We hear that students at a university in Tehran have sparred with police and eyewitness reports say 15 are severely injured and over 100 students have been arrested. A video was posted on Youtube earlier of what appeared to be a protester beaten to death by police, but it has since been taken down. Those who are supporting the Mousavi supporters are urged to wear green tomorrow, no matter where in the world you are. Here’s a great New York Times article with info on the unrest in Iran.

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Looking Forward in Iran: Protests and Strikes

Update 1:40pm EDT: Mousavi has called on his supporters to march in 20 cities in Iran tomorrow, June 15. He stressed that the march should be peaceful. Mousavi also called for a nationwide strike on June 16, Tehran Bureau.

Protests are springing up outside Iranian embassies and in capital cities worldwide, City News.

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Continuing Situation in Iran: Mousavi Officially Disputes Election

Security forces have surrounded areas of Tehran and leaders of opposition and reform movements are under house arrest. Cell phone service has been restored in Tehran, but text messaging is still unavailable. The Iranian government has told some journalists to leave and has blocked publishing of reformist newspapers in Iran. Mohammad Ali Abtahi told media that more than 100 reformists were arrested last night, Guardian. Government officials have shut down the Tehran bureau of Al-Arabiya for at least a week, Al Bawaba.

Mousavi, the leading reformist candidate, issued a formal appeal to the Guardian Council according to his website, Al Jazeera. Mousavi’s letter to the people urges peaceful dissent. Al Jeezera also has a helpful outline of the political system in Iran, which is headed by a supreme leader who is the political and spiritual leader of Iran. The Ayatollah Ali Khamenei has held this position since 1989.

Allegations of fraud are widespread. The New York Times reports that “One employee of the Interior Ministry, which carried out the vote count, said the government had been preparing its fraud for weeks, purging anyone of doubtful loyalty and importing pliable staff members from around the country.”

President Ahmadinejad held a rally in Tehran today to celebrate his election victory. BBC News has thee video.

In other news, Israeli Prime Minster Benjamin Netayahu will give a speech today in response to President Obama’s recent speech in Cairo on Mid-East relations. Netanyahu is expected to address two concerns: creation of a Palestinian state and the settlement of Israelis in disputed lands, Voice of America.

The leader of an anti-illegal immigrant “minuteman” splinter groups has been charged in a double homicide in Arizona. Shawna Forde, leader of Minuteman American Defense, and Jason Eugene Bush, operations director of the group, planned, along with another man, to rob the home of a suspected drug dealer in order to fund the organization. The group killed a man and his daughter and wounded his wife as she returned gunfire on the attackers. All three are in police custody and have each been charged with two counts of first-degree murder, Associated Press.

President Obama declared today, Flag Day, the start of National Flag week and urged all Americans to fly the flag, Fox News. Today also marks the birthday of our editor, Katy. Happy Birthday Katy!

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