Live Post: Large Protest in Tehran

Reports are surfacing from Tehran, Iran that thousands of people are taking to the streets on this 30th anniversary of the storming of the U.S. Embassy. Protests have been occurring since Mahmoud Ahmadinejad’s reelection in June, with hundreds arrested since then. Dozens have been killed, including Neda Agha-Soltan, who was shot in the chest by police on June 2o as she was watching the protests. Neda subsequently became the face of the Green movement.

Right now, twitterers are reporting that shots have been fired, but it is not clear if they were fired in the air or into the crowd. Several Metro stations (Hafte Tir, Taleghani, Davazdeh Davlat and Ferdowsi) have been closed to thwart more people from joining the crowds, which are apparently growing by the minute.

Live Updates (most recent will appear at top):

  • I hate to do this, but it’s 4am in the States. For ongoing live blogs, look at the links provided down below. We’ll update if there is any breaking news. Thanks for reading!
  • WOW – Twitpic of protesters fighting with police (via GreenQuran).
  • More videos of the protest can be found here.
  • From the Guardian: “Police are wearing teargas masks for the first time, according to an email from a contact in Tehran. He also reports that the security forces are filming protesters and that most of the government buildings in central Tehran are closed.”
  • Finally have some video of the protests (via unity4iran)

  • There is a rumor on Twitter that Karoubi has been beaten and arrested, but it seems there is no source and others are claiming he is safe. Should definitely not be believed right now.
  • From Revolutionary Road: “Mobile phones are shut down. They are beating people down to death at 7 Tir and Valiasr.”
  • Chilling. Manic77: “Many injured. Cant tweet, net not working.”
  • If you find our blog useful, please tweet a link to it on Twitter, Facebook, etc. We need to get the info out.
  • Live Blog: Revolutionary Road is blogging from Tehran. Excellent info.
  • “Confirmed: Tear gas has been used on protesters @ Ferdowsi Square – people have been beaten with batons.”
  • Iran_Translator: “Government has blockaded Amir Kabir University dorms. Students aren’t being let out to join protests!”
  • Here’s a BBC News article, but not any new info.
  • Iran_ALLDAY: “According to witness 2 people have been shot at in Abbas abad street.”
  • Iran_Translator: “Partially confirmed: People chanting “Death to Russia” in front of the former US Embassy in Tehran.” Extremely interesting, as the UN has proposed Russia should be given almost all of Iran’s enriched uranium.
  • Reports of protests in Shiraz, Arak and Isfahan. Confirmed in Mazandaran.
  • A great live blog is also being updated at Homylafayette.
  • LaraABCNews: “Tehran and Sharif University students chanting in #Iranelection protests on campus…police have blocked their exit.” Lara also reported all protests have been banned except for anti-U.S. protests.
  • Wow. Artemis_ia: “All side alleys have become jails. They are arresting ppl. Al-Javad Mosque turned into temporary jail.”
  • It has been confirmed by eyewitnesses that Karoubi is in the crowd.
  • If you speak Persian, you can listen to a live radio broadcast here.
  • Multiple tweets and radio programs are warning protesters to avoid alleys. Apparently police are trapping people and arresting them there.
  • The BBC has confirmed the clashes in Tehran.
  • Beshnaveed: “Radio: Neda Agha Soltan Mother being arrested near 7Tir”
  • Iran_Translator: “Partial confirmation only: Karroubi is moving towards Hafte Tir. Karoubi is on the move!”
  • Iran_Translator: “Can confirm Sec. Forces have started firing shots at crowd in Hafte Tir. Can’t confirm number of Casualties”
  • madyar: “they’re beating women violently, one woman’s head, several men’s bleeding/broken”


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