Minor Damage on the Atlantis Space Shuttle

The flight director of the space shuttle Atlantis has stated that there was some minor damage sustained to the craft after take-off yesterday. Four tiles have dings in them and tile experts will inspect the damage, but there seems to be little cause for concern. The crew will service the Hubble Space Telescope for the last time, CNN. Also, you can follow astronaut Mike Massimino on Twitter as he tweets from space.

In an exclusive interview with BBC News, Sudanese President Omar al-Bashir says all claims that the military has targeted civilians are false. The International Criminal Court has charged al-Bashir with war crimes, but the president said only rebels were targeted in Darfur, rebels who used civilians as human shields, and he would never send armed forces after civilians, BBC News.

Afghan officials are paying victims of last week’s U.S. air strike. The families of civilians killed will be given about $2000 for each person killed and $1000 for those injured. The air strike killed 140 civilians and 25 Taliban rebels, NPR.

Millions of people are going to the polls in India in the fifth and final day of voting. The process began a month ago and authorities have worked dilligetly to make sure more terrorist attacks like the November 2008 Mumbai attacks don’t occur again, Sky News.


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2 responses to “Minor Damage on the Atlantis Space Shuttle

  1. ERIC

    Everytime these guys go into space there is a problem….everytime. I’m convinced they are manufactured so they look better when they either fix it or soldier on. Ridiculous

  2. Redly

    Ridiculous? it’s called an aging space shuttle fleet and the inherent dangers of space flight. Get educated.

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