Live Post: Earthquake Hits Near Rome

BNO has reported a 6.3 magnitude earthquake about 55 miles from Rome, Italy. The earthquake hit at 3:32am, local time, and was only a few kilometers deep. There are reports of evacuations and panic in Rome. We’ll bring you more as it’s available.

Reuters article on the earthquake. | Map of the epicenter. | Twitter: Sorotos. | L’Aquila webcam (dark now, check back in a few hours). | Rai live newscast. | BBC photos.


1:29am EDT: Well, I hate to do this, but it’s 1:30am on the east coast and I have class in the morning, so we’re going to have to end our live updates here. In a few hours we’ll have the Morning Edition up with all the updated details, so please check back for that and follow us on Twitter for breaking updates. Thanks for reading!

1:26am EDT: The Italian government will declare a state of emergency momentarily.

1:19am EDT: I’m still not seeing any coverage in the U.S. on this, but after the pitiful coverage of the Lahore terror attacks, I shouldn’t be surprised.

1:14am EDT: From pmura on Twitter: “more than 10000 buildings are inaccessible, about 40000 families can’t access their buildings, hospitals evacuated.”

1:09am EDT: According to Twitter reports, Sky TV says the hospital in L’Aquila is being evacuated.

1:03am EDT: It’s past dawn in L’Aquila now and the Rai live feed (link above) has new footage of rescue attempts. I think I’m stating the obvious now, but the damage looks quite bad.

1:01am EDT: From Sorotos: “lots of small villages near Aquila report of great damages and also some more victims.”

12:52am EDT: Alright, we’ll do another quick recap because I know there’s a lot of info now coming out of Italy: We can only confirm 6 deaths so far, with 4 of those being children. Local media reports 13 dead and another outlet says several dozen are dead in one city alone. Reuters and BNO have both confirmed thousands of buildings have been damaged, which is likely due to the earthquake hitting only 1o kms below the surface, USGS. The earthquake was felt in Rome, but there are no reports of any injured or damages (despite earlier reports). There have been at least two confirmed aftershocks of 4.8 and 4.4 magnitudes, and possibly a third of a 3.3 strength.

12:51am EDT: Reuters is now reporting that city officials tell them thousands are likely to be left homeless due to earthquake damage.

12:49am EDT: Sky TV has confirmed that there is at least 13 dead in the L’Aquila area.

Update from BNO: “Sky TG24-TV confirms 13 people have died in central Italy while a newspaper report says there are dozens of fatalities in one city alone.”


12:38am EDT: Sorotos (link above), who is Twittering from Rome, says: “9 victims so far confirmed, 5 small children among them.”

12:36am EDT: Some confusion – SBS News is reporting 5 children dead and 1 elderly woman. We do know that at least 4 children are dead.

12:34am EDT: The 4.8 and 4.4 aftershocks we reported earlier have been confirmed by the USGS, no confirmation on the 3.3 yet.

12:28am EDT: BNO is also reporting 4 children have died. So awful.

12:24am EDT: This is probably the hardest thing I’ve had to report, but Rai is saying 4 children are dead in the area. Sorotos is also saying this.

12:20am EDT: OMG! There was a 3.1 earthquake here two days ago! It was only 54 miles from me. I feel like if I ran the media, I would have reported it to the public, regardless of it being only a 3.1, but what do I know. Here’s a handy list of all earthquakes in the last week.

12:12am EDT: I don’t think this is even worth reporting, but whatever: 2.5 earthquake in central California a bit ago.

12:10am EDT: I need to stop writing pm instead of am. World earthquake map here. I don’t remember any reports of an earthquake here in Georgia, but okay.

12:07am EDT: Sharealittle on Twitter updates: “The highway between Rome and L’Aquila has been closed” from La Repubblica.

12:05am EDT: BNO is also confirming that two people have been killed.

12:02am EDT: From Sky News:

“Journalist Nick Pisa told Sky News: “A students’ halls of residence has collapsed and emergency services say people are trapped there.

“A church bell town has also collapsed. One local council member has described the centre of the town being strewn with rubble and masonry. He could hear people calling for help.

“He said he had been told that a man and a woman had been killed.”

Officials later confirmed two fatalities.”

12:01am EDT: I’m just going to link you to Rai’s live feed in case you didn’t see it. They have the first live video out of L’Aquila.

11:55pm EDT: CNN article on the earthquake, although I’ve been watching for an hour and they’ve yet to mention it.

11:47pm EDT: Okay, just to recap: A 6.3 earthquake has hit around L’Aquila, Italy, with the shocks felt all the way to Rome. Sky News has reported 2 deaths in L’Aquila, but that is unconfirmed so take it with a grain of salt for now. We do know there are buildings down in L’Aquila and that there are people trapped, according to local media reports. BNO reported earlier that there was widespread damage in Rome, but all reports from the scene seem to show that this report can be dismissed.

Here are the USGS details on the earthquake. Damage is likely to be because the earthquake struck only 10 kms from the surface, which is rather shallow. There have been three aftershocks so far, a 4.8, 4.3 and a 3.3.

11:44pm EDT: Sky News has an interview with someone who lives in Rome. Unfortunately we’re not expecting really anything from L’Aquila since everything is down.

11:37pm EDT: RIA’s live feed is showing the damage in what I presume is L’Aquila. It looks like heavy damage in at least one location.

11:34pm EDT: Comment from someone in Rome: “We felt the earthquake but nothing more. The trouble is in L’Aquila.” All the reports from news agencies seem to be saying the same thing now.

11:31pm EDT: From BNO: “At least 15,000 people are without electricity in L’Aquila after a strong earthquake struck the region, according to RAI News.”

11:30pm EDT: The only thing I can translate from the live feed is “dramatica.”

11:25pm EDT: I don’t want to freak you out, but Fox News says there was an earthquake also in the Caribbean Islands. A 4.5, small, and no reports of injuries or damage.

11:21pm EDT: Just to clarify, the two people Sky says are dead (still unconfirmed) were in L’Aquila, not Rome. All reports so far say only building damage in Rome.

11:16pm EDT: RAI has a live feed of their coverage, in Italian of course, but hopefully I’ll be able to gleam at least a little information from it.

11:14pm EDT: For those who can read Italian, it looks like La Repubblica is giving steady updates.

11:09 pm EDT: Here are USGS details on the 4.8 aftershock.

And here is L’Aquila’s wiki page just in case you’re like me and like to know the history of a place.

11:06pm EDT: Sky News is now saying two people have been found dead, a man and a woman.

11:05pm EDT: Is it just me or have we been have a lot more seismic activity this year than normal?

11:02pm EDT: RAI is reporting one fatality. Link (in Italian).

10:59pm EDT: From AlBoeBNO: “So far, three aftershocks have been reported in central Italy with magnitudes of 4.8, 4.3 and 3.3. More are expected.”

10:57pm EDT: National Televison RAI reports that there are several buildings down inL’Aquila and the phone lines are out.

10:55pm EDT: Italian La Repubblica says there is one building down in L’Aquila and a person trapped inside.

10:50pm EDT: I’ve added a new Twitter to the top, Aid Worker Daily, who is updating from Italy and also felt the aftershock.

10:47pm EDT: I’m turning this into a live post since the big news organizations aren’t updating and the main source of info is Twitter, which can be difficult to keep up with.

10:45pm EDT: From BNO: “Officials confirm that buildings have collapsed in central Italy and people remain trapped; reports of casualties.”

10:40pm EDT: Multiple Twitter reports of an aftershock.

Update: BNO is reporting wide spread damage in Rome and injuries and damage in cities near the epicenter.

The Catholic Reporter says historic buildings in the city closest to the epicenter, L’Aquila. Reports say they are fearing there may be casualties. Live post under the cut.


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3 responses to “Live Post: Earthquake Hits Near Rome

  1. NO DAMAGE IN ROME, no evacuation or panic either, please be careful what you are writing…. We felt the earthquake but nothing more. The trouble is in L’Aquila.

  2. citizensdailybrief

    Thanks for the information! We’re just repeating what BNO first reported, but from it seems all the news organizations are reporting everything is fine in Rome, as well. But it helps a million times more to have someone on the scene report it.

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