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Actor David Carradine Found Dead

Actor David Carradine, known most for his role on “Kung Fu” and in the Kill Bill series, was found dead this morning in Bangkok, Thailand. Police initially reported that he has been found hanged and considered the case a suicide, but now police are questioning if it was accidental. The 72-year-old actor had been in Thailand to shoot a movie, BBC News.

A British citizen has reportedly been killed by al-Queda in northwest Africa. Edwin Dyer was kidnapped in Niger at the beginning of the year and held in Mali. Al-Queda demanded the release of Abu Qatad, a radical Muslim cleric, in exchange for Dyer, BBC News.

A baby white rhino has debuted at the Madrid zoo, a month after being born through articifical insemination. He is only the third white rhino to be bred this way because females in captivity have a hard time producing eggs, MSNBC.

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