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Iran to restart uranium enrichment program

Iran has ordered its nuclear chief to begin enriching uranium. Iran says the enriched uranium will be used in a research reactor, BBC News.

55 nations submitted their plans for reducing carbon emissions this week, New York Times.

U.S. President Barack Obama released his proposed 2011 budget. One of the cuts will scrap plans by NASA to sends humans back to the moon by 2020, CNN.

The British medical journal, The Lancet, retracted publication of a 1998 study that suggested the measles, mumps, and rubella vaccine was linked to autism, Boston Herald.

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In corporate personhood test, PR firm will run for Congress

In response to this week’s Supreme Court ruling that corporations are entitled to the same freedoms of speech held by individuals, Murray Hill, a Maryland public relations firm, announced that it intends to run for Congress, Baltimore City Paper.

In his State of the Union address, President Obama rebuked the Supreme Court for its controversial 5-4 decision in Citizens United v. Federal Elections Commission, prompting a response from Justice Samuel Alito, Christian Science Monitor.

The ruling may have unintended consequences, including opening the door to political campaign contributions from foreign entities, Washington Post.

Full coverage of Citizens United v. Federal Elections Commission from Bill Moyers Journal.

A new study by the Highway Loss Data Institute concludes that distraction, not cell phones are to blame for most car crashes, CNET.

The Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation announced this week that it will spend $10 billion on research and distribution of vaccines, Reuters.

Gunmakers in Pakistan, even working with limited resources, can produce 1,000 guns a day. First hand account from CNN.


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