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Belgium PM Van Rompuy Elected First EU President

In a signal that members of the European Union wish to keep the new position of President of the EU from being too powerful for now, the low-key Belgium Prime Minister Herman Van Rompuy has been chosen to be the first person to hold the office, Voice of America.

Massive flooding has hit parts of the United Kingdom and Scotland after heavy rains yesterday. Two bridges collapsed and hundreds had to be rescued by helicopter and boat, MS-NBC.

52 students were taken into custody by police yesterday during a protest against tuition increases at the University of California, Davis. Students also protested at the University of California, Los Angeles, CNN.

The FIFA has decided that a rematch between France and Ireland will not be played and France will continue on the the 2010 World Cup. FIFA says that official rules clearly state that the decision of a referee is final and cannot be overturned after a game, CNN.

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