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Ukraine says election results valid

Election officials in Ukraine have rejected complaints by Yulia Tymoshenko, the country’s current prime minister, of election fraud. Tymoshenko lost the election by 3 percentage points but has yet to concede, Associated Press.

NATO has launched a major offensive against the Taliban in Afghanistan, BBC News.

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Iran steps up arrests ahead of protests

Gearing up for possible protests during state-sponsored rallies in celebration of Iran’s 1979 Islamic Revolution on Thursday, police have stepped up arrests of political dissidents in Iran. Opposition groups in Iran use a tactic of briefly showing themselves during state rallies before disappearing back into the crowds, Associated Press.

Civil servants in Greece are striking after the government announced a plan to freeze wages to save money, Al Jazeera. Greek protests in pictures, BBC News.

The outcome of the Ukrainian election is in dispute. Current Prime Minister Yulia Yanukovich received 3% less votes than rival Viktor Yanukovich but has not yet conceded, New York Times.

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Tamil Camps to be Opened in Sri Lanka

Sri Lanka’s government says that tens of thousands of people who have been held in camps since the end of the conflict with Tamil rebels will be released. Sri Lanka had been fighting the rebels since the mid-1970s and made a final push to stop the hostilities earlier this year. Information from Sri Lanka is very limited so it is unknown how many were killed in the most recent fighting, BBC News. Q & A on the conflict, BBC News.

A gas explosion at a Chinese mine has killed 42 people and trapped over 60 underground. China has the most dangerous mining industry in the world, Reuters.

Russia and Ukraine have agreed to a deal that will keep natural gas flowing through this winter.  Due to a pricing dispute last winter, Russia cut off gas which flows through Ukrainian pipelines to Europe, Christian Science Monitor.

Paul and Rachel Chandler, the British couple captured by Somali pirates during a sailing vacation in October, have released a new video saying the pirates are losing patience and will kill them soon if a $7 million ransom is not paid, CNN.

A journalist describes living in Jerusalem’s Old City which is home to Muslim, Christian, and Jewish religious sites, BBC News.

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Iran Protest Supporters Rally Around the World

Supporters of human rights around the world are coming out to rallies today to show their support for the protesters in Iran, CNN. Follow United 4 Iran on Twitter for updates.

In the space of 24 hours, two toddlers, one in Las Vegas and one in South Carolina,  have accidentally shot their older siblings after playing with improperly secured guns, BBC News. Earlier this week, a five year old boy in Las Vegas died after he shot himself in the head with a gun he found in his father’s car. The child’s father has been charged with endangerment, Las Vegas Sun.

US Vice President Joe Biden reaffirmed America’s support of the aims of the Ukraine and Georgia to join NATO, Washington Post.

Suicide bombers attacked a courthouse in Khost, a city in southeastern Afghanistan. The attackers wore burqas to conceal bombs they had placed on their bodies. Four people were injured in the attack and all seven attackers were killed as they attacked the complex. One managed to set off explosives in a car before being shot by police. Two police and two civilians, a woman and a child, were injured, Associated Press.

President Obama’s weekly address discusses the impact of health care reform on small businesses.

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