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Mexico Decriminalizes Drugs for “Personal Use”

A 59-year-old American soldier has been killed in Afghanistan, the oldest casualty in the Afghan war so far. First Sgt. Jose San Nicolas Crisostomo, a Vietnam War vet, was killed by a roadside bomb in Kabul. The two-time Bronze Star recipient had volunteered last year to return to military service, CNN.

Mexico has eased drug laws in the country. New law decriminalizes small amounts of certain drugs, including heroin, methamphetamine, and cocaine. A big problem for the country in the past has been police officers accepting bribes in return for allowing drug possessors to go free, and the new law aims to combat that, BBC News.

The Evangelical Lutheran Church in America has voted to allow gay and lesbian ministers in the church. The new policy states all homosexual clerics hired must be in a committed relationship. A previous policy had allowed homosexual ministers, but required that they remain celibate, AP.

Hot Topic: Swine Flu Vaccine Shortage Looms For Developing World.

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At Least 19 Killed at Tehran Protests

At least 19 people were killed today in clashes in Tehran, and some wounded marchers went to foreign embassies to seek medical attention out of fear of being arrested at hospitals. Unconfirmed reports say as many as 150 may be dead, but hospitals only confirmed 19 deaths. Thousands marched today to protest last week’s elections, CNN.

More than 70 people were killed when a truck bomb exploded today in northern Iraq. It was the deadliest bomb attack this year. The violence is escalating as U.S. troops are leaving cities in the country, but officials say the troops will be withdrawn by the deadline “no matter what happens,” AP.

The controversial atom smasher, known as the Large Hadron Collider, will likely be restarted in October by scientists at CERN. The collider will hopefully shed light on what makes up the universe, but some are concerned the use of the machine could be catastrophic, AP.

Hot Topic: The New York Times has a great piece on Tibetan monks who have escaped from China. Read the article here.

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Suicides in U.S. Army Continue to Increase

U.S. Army statistics show that the suicide rate among soldiers is rising at a record pace. 17 soldiers were either confirmed or believed to have committed suicide in the month of May. So far this year, there are 82 suspected/confirmed cases, which will most certainly pass last year’s 133 deaths, the most ever, CNN.

Sudan is allowing four aid agencies back into the country after ousting them from Darfur in March. Care International, Save the Children, Mercy Corps, and Padco will be allowed back in to help, as long as they slightly change their names and use different logos. The move is seen as a good sign for improving relations between aid agencies and the Sudanese government, BBC News.

Football club Real Madrid has paid a record-breaking 80M pounds to Manchester United in a transfer fee for star Cristiano Ronaldo. The fee is by far the highest in history. Man U. accepted the bid, allowing Real to begin talks with Ronaldo about a trade, BBC Sport.

American officials are reporting that they now have evidence that some al-Qaeda fighters are moving into Yemen and Somalia. Reports say leaders are among militants who have moved, and that they are in close contact with al-Qaeda members in Pakistan. The precense of the group especially in Somalia is troubling, as an Islamic militant group, the Shabab, are already threatening to topple the government, New York Times.


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