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Iran to Send ‘Most’ of Newly Disclosed Enriched Uranium to Russia

Talks in Geneva, Switzerland between Iran, the U.S., Britain, France, China, Russia and Germany ended successfully today. Iran has agreed to ship most of the enriched uranium produced at a recently disclosed nuclear site to Russia and France to be used as fuel for medical isotopes. There is currently a world shortage of medical isotopes, Reuters. Iran will also allow inspectors into the facility, New York Times.

Hundreds of people remain missing after tsunamis struck the Pacific islands of Samoa, American Samoa and Tonga. The death toll currently stands at just under 200, but entire villages were washed away and emergency workers are still looking for survivors, Reuters.

Just days after being hit by Typhoon Ketsana, the Philippines is bracing for another storm, Typhoon Parma, which is expected to reach the area by Saturday, Reuters.

Rescue teams are still looking for survivors in Padang, Indonesia, Al Jazeera. The earthquake was not unexpected, especially in Padang which lies on one of the Earth’s most active fault lines, BBC News. Eyewitness accounts by two Britons living in Padang, BBC News.  

Bank of America CEO Ken Lewis announced that he will retire at the end of the year. Lewis was criticized for his decision to buy failing brokerage firm Merrill Lynch earlier this year. Though Bank of America’s stock is currently trading for less than it did in 2001, Lewis will retire with a more than $53 million pension plan, CNN.

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