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Sonia Sotomayor to be Sworn in as U.S. Supreme Court Justice Today

Judge Sonia Sotomayor will be sworn in as the 111th Justice of the U.S. Supreme Court today. Watch the ceremony on C-SPAN starting at 11am EDT.

An analyst for the British Embassy in Iran is one of the 100 people on trial for involvement in the Tehran protests following the disputed reelection of President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad, CNN International.

An update on the theory that Thursday’s Denial of Service attacks on Twitter and Facebook were actually directed at a Georgian blogger, an economic professor with the username Cyxymu, New York Times.

President Barack Obama’s Weekly Address calls again for health care reform in the United States and dispels rumors that a government-run health care plan will result in euthanasia of the elderly or rationing of care.

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Hundreds of Same-Sex Couples Marry in Iowa

Hundreds of same-sex couples were married in Iowa yesterday on the first day that the Iowa court ruling allowing such unions took effect, USA Today. Iowa, Vermont and Massachusetts are the only US states that recognize same-sex marriage. Last year the Supreme Court of California overturned the state’s ban on same-sex marriage. However, that ruling was overturned by Proposition 8, an item on the November 2008 ballot which put the restrictions back in place. Iowans who wish to overturn the ruling are hoping to add an amendment to the Iowa state constitution, but will have to wait until 2012 for the amendment to be put on a ballot, Washington Post.

The New York Times reports that borders are tightening on swine flu fears. Canada urges citizens to avoid all non-essential travel to Mexico, Globe and Mail. Check the CDC’s emergency information Twitter feed for the latest official information. It also appears CNN’s Dr. Sanjay Gupta has started a Twitter  feed.

Air Force One photo shoot causes evacuations in New York City. The White House Military Office chose New York as the site for an update of photos of the President’s plane. The large Boeing 747 flew low over the city reminding many in New York and New Jersey of the events of September 11th. President Obama says he is “furious” that his office used such poor judgment in not informing the public of the photo shoot, CNN.

Analysis of the media obsession with the 100 days marking President Obama’s time in office, NPR. Tomorrow is Obama’s 100th day in office, although the story notes that “Obama will not actually complete 100 days in office until 1 p.m. on April 30, which would be 2,400 hours after he took the oath of office at noon on Jan. 20 (note one hour of adjustment for daylight saving time).”

Part of the Wilkins Ice Shelf roughly the size of New York City in Antarctica has broken off into icebergs this month, Globe and Mail.

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Amazon Fail?

We noticed an interesting trending topic on Twitter today called #amazonfail. From what we can gather, Amazon has taken down the sales rankings and disabled some searches for certain gay and lesbian books as well as feminist literature because they were deemed as “adult.” However, Playboy literature and the likes have not been affected. This is developing, so we’ll update as we can, but here are some resources:

Twitter #amazonfail.

Mark Probst blog entry with Amazon response.

Meta Writer blog entry with a list of books that have been affected.

An open letter from Book Square, which serves as a great recap.

Link to a petition of Amazon’s policy.

Smart Bitches Trashy Books has a hilarious definition of “Amazon Rank.”

Jezebel article on Amazon Fail.

For everyone interested, Powell’s Books is planning a LGBT book sale in response. Watch their Twitter here.

This is interesting: Searching for “homosexuality” on Amazon.com, the top results are books on how to prevent homosexuality. Try it yourself.

Update: Amazon responds to Publishers Weekly, calls the deranking of certain books a “glitch.” The site is getting heavy traffic and may not load right away or at all, so here’s a screencap via Cleolinda.

Article from Lilith Saintcrow on why this is not a glitch.


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NATO Summit, Protests Continue

NATO summit in full swing in Strasbourg, France. The primary focus of the summit is the conflict in Afghanistan. Russia’s relationship with the western world will also be discussed, Los Angeles Times. A new Secretary-General of the organization is expected to be elected, Associated Press has the list of top candidates. This year marks the 60th anniversary of NATO. Newest members Albania and Croatia were also officially welcomed at the summit, BBC News. Police in France are still holding 100 of the 300 protesters arrested yesterday. The German portion of the summit, in Baden-Baden and Kehl, is also marked by protest, though smaller than the protests in France, BBC News.

Google rumored to be in talks to buy Twitter. Twitter saw phenomenal growth last year but has yet to find a way to monetized its popularity, TechCrunch.

U.S. jobless rate up to 8.5%. 663,000 Americans lost their jobs in March, Bloomberg.

Congress approves similar budgets in the House and Senate. The two versions will be reconciled after a two week recess. No Republicans voted for the budget, which totals about $3.5 trillion, in either body, but Democrats still retained enough votes for the measures to pass, MSNBC.

Abousfian Abdelrazik, a dual Canadian and Sudanese citizen, who was picked up by the Canadian Intelligence Security Service (CISS) while visiting his sick mother in Sudan in 2003, continues to be held in limbo at the Canadian Embassy in Khartoum in Sudan. In detention, where he was interrogated and tortured by Canadian, American, and Sudanese agents, Mr. Abdelrazik’s Canadian passport expired. Though he has never been charged with any crime, the Harper government refuses to issue Mr. Abdelrazik a new passport, despite a claim in December 2008 that he would be allowed back into the country if someone would buy him a plane ticket home, Globe and Mail.

Han Wushan, a migrant worker from the Sichuan Province in China, blew himself up and injured two others with explosives at an office building in Urumqi in the western province of Xinjiang. Mr. Han believed he was owed waged for his work in Xinjiang for a road and bridge construction company in 2007, Telegraph.

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