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Settlement Reached in Ivory Coast Toxic Dumping Scandal

Trafigura, an oil trading firm, will pay $45 million in compensation to people who were made sick by toxic waste dumping in the Ivory Coast in 2006. The company has already paid $200 million to the government and now 30,000 people will also receive $1,546 each, BBC News. In the agreed joint final statement [PDF] the company did not admit that it was to blame for making citizens sick. BBC Newsnight has uncovered company emails describing the dangers of the waste and the company’s effort to dispose of it cheaply, BBC News. Copies of the e-mails [PDF]. News report of the incident from 2006, NPR:

“It was difficult to breathe, difficult to sleep, difficult to eat and to drink,” Djeketou says through a translator. “You felt like vomiting the whole time, and it burned your nostrils. This nauseating stench seeped through the whole village. It was unbearable. So many people have moved away to get away from the smell.”

Three men have been arrested for making false statements to police in a terror investigation that has been going on in the New York City area for the past week. The FBI allege that their informant, Ahmad Afzali, leader of a Queens mosque, tipped off suspects of the investigation, ABC News.

Sources report that President Obama has asked New York Governor David Paterson not to run for reelection in 2010 because it is unlikely he has enough Democratic support to win the election. Paterson became governor after former governor Eliot Spitzer was forced to resign after a scandal, New York Times.

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