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Breaking: UGA Shooter George Zinkhan’s Body Found

The manhunt for George Zinkhan has possibly ended.

Two weeks since he went missing after shooting his wife and two others at a fundraiser for the Town and Gown Players at the Athens Community Theatre in Athens, Ga, University of Georgia marketing professor George Zinkhan’s body has believed to be found not far from his abandoned Jeep in a wooded area in Clarke County, Red & Black.

The body has been sent to the Georgia Bureau of Investigation’s Sate Crime Lab for definitive identification that it is Zinkhan, so officials are still urging caution.

The shooting, which happened in downtown Athens not far from the UGA campus, did not close the university, but students and staff were warned to be on guard in case Zinkhan returned.

Update: Read the Red & Black’s Twitter for updates on the press conference. They say: “Zinkhan press conference: ACC Police Chief Jack Lumpkin says Zinkhan’s body was put in the earth and something was pulled over it.”

See CDB’s earlier coverage of the tragic event:


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Five Congressmen Arrested at Darfur Genocide Protest

Five U.S. Congressmen were arrested in D.C. today for civil disobedience at a protest against the genocide in Darfur. Those arrested were Reps. John Lewis (D-Ga.), Jim McGovern (D-Mass.), Donna Edwards (D-Md.), Keith Ellison (D-Minn.) and Lynn Woolsey (D-Calif.). They were all released a few hours after the arrest and will have to pay a $100 fine. Congressman Lewis is a noted civil rights activist who spoke at the March on Washington with Martin Luther King, Jr. in 1963 and is credited with helping end segregation, AJC.

The World Heath Organization has raised the pandemic alert level to a level 4, meaning the swine flu “is capable of significant human-to-human transmission.” Reports say 149 people have died from the strain in Mexico (the only country reporting deaths) and there are 81 confirmed cases worldwide, although all the cases in other countries appear to be mild. However, according to an official WHO report, only around 20 deaths in Mexico can be attributed to the virus, CNN.

After a relatively quiet month in Madagascar, soldiers have stormed the country’s constitutional court and arrested the head of security in the capital city of Antananarivo. Reports say the event was an attempt to scare those who ousted former President Marc Ravalomanana from power last month, BBC News.

FBI reports say Professor George Zinkhan, who murdered three people in Athens, GA on Saturday, bought a plane ticket to Amsterdam for May 2nd, but before he commited the crime. Zinkhan has a house in the city and police are working with authorites in the European country. Classes resumed as normal on the UGA campus, although security has been heightened, despite UGA’s police chief saying he believes Zinkhan is not still in the city, CNN.

Finally, check out some of today’s best news stories here.

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UGA Professor/Athens Shooter Zinkhan Was Reclusive, Neighbor Says

More information is surfacing about George Zinkhan, the University of Georgia marketing professor who killed three near downtown Athens this morning. Three people were shot fatally, including Zinkhan’s wife (also reported as his ex-wife), Marie Bruce and two men, Tom Tanner and Ben Teague. Two others were injured. Zinkhan is currently still at large.

CNN has information from a board member of the Town and Gown Players who says the theater group was hosting a reunion picnic. Marie Bruce was president of the Town and Gown Players.

Athens is hosting one of its biggest events year today. 30,000 people are currently in town for the Twilight Criterium, an annual professional cycling event and festival. Police presence is high as the search for Zinkhan continues.

Zinkhan was a respected academic, although his neighbors say he seemed more like a blue collar worker than a professor and that he kept to himself. The Atlanta Journal-Constitution notes that Zinkhan wrote a poem (which now seems chilling) that was posted to a page of the American Marketing Association Web site:

“the dark department head is always lurking,

making the rounds with a crooked, yankee-trader smile,

full of false promise about a better time to come.”

Update: More poetry from Zinkhan at the American Marketing Association website (fyi, a few links are not working).

Here is the full text of the above-sampled poem:


ARC:Etc.:Arts:Marketing as Life: sailing on the accountancy

ARContribution by George N. Zinkhan

“sailing on the accountancy”
over the years, our accounting department reaps great
benefits, because of the large numbers of students who
clamor to wet their beak at our fountain of knowledge

of course, in the long run, this is
so much better than the opposite situation —  the dying discipline,
staffed by shadowy faculty members and thin excuses

nonetheless, in the short run, this means that we teach many,
many, many (extra) classes — always
with vague promises of relief in the future

the dark department head is always lurking,
making the rounds with a crooked, yankee-trader smile,
full of false promise about a better time to come


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Updates on Today’s Biggest Stories

Okay, there is A LOT going on today, overwhelmingly so, so I thought we’d update some stories we’ve previously reported.

First off, as a member of the Athens, GA community and a UGA student (your other editor is an alum), we’re all very upset with the shootings. It’s cliche, but this kind of stuff doesn’t happen here.

The AJC has confirmed three people have died, including Tom Tanner, 40, and three are injured. Tanner was currently starring in the play Sherlock Holmes at the Athens Community Theatre, where the shooting took place. The two other victims were adults, but names are not yet known. The shooter, Professor George Zinkhan, is still on the loose. Professor Michael Castengera told CNN that Zinkhan showed up at the theater’s yearly reunion and got in an argument, but details of the argument are unknown.

From the Athens Banner-Herald: “He fired several shots, Holeman said, killing three. Though police are not yet identifying the victims, witnesses said they were Zinkan’s wife, Marie Bruce, and two men. Zinkan’s children were at the gathering, but were unharmed and did not see the shooting.” Update: the AJC lists the victims as Marie Bruce (Zinkan’s ex-wife), Ben Teague and Tom Tanner.

In other news, the swine flu outbreak is getting worse and panic is rising. BNO News has confirmed two cases of the swine flu have been found in Kansas. The World Health Organization (WHO) has said they fear the epidemic will spread globally and has called the outbreak in North America an “emergency.” About the NYC schoolchildren we commented on yesterday – now up to 200 children are sick and intial tests say it is the swine flu, but no one is seriously sick.

Finally, beloved Golden Girls actress Bea Arthur has passed away from cancer at the age of 86. She will be missed.


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