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Togo pulls out of Africa Cup after attack

After an attack on the team bus in Angola in which 2 people died, Togo is pulling out of the African Cup of Nations football tournament. Civil war ended in Angola in 2002 but violence still plagues the country, CNN.

4 churches have now been attacked in Malaysia in response to Christians using the word “Allah” to refer to the Christian God. The dispute began when a court said that a Catholic newspaper can use “Allah” in its Malay language editions, Reuters.

Afghan President Hamid Karzai submitted a second list of ministers for his cabinet to the Afghanistan parliament this week. Karzai’s first list, which included known warlords, was previously rejected, Reuters.

Barack Obama’s weekly address focuses on health care reform, Transcript. The U.S. Congress will make a final push for health care reform over the next few weeks. The Senate and House of Representative bills will need to be merged into one bill before it’s voted on and, if passed, signed by the President. President Obama has said that both bills largely meet the requirements he set when he first called for health care reform. The differences in the two bills, Washington Post.

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