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Mossad assassination tactics revealed in hotel video

New information has emerged about the suspects in the killing of a Hamas commander in Dubai. Surveillance video from the hotel where the killing occurred shows 11 people working together as the murder took place. New evidence now shows those in the hotel were traveling on stolen European passports, including 6 Britons who say they were not involved in the attack, BBC News. Israel’s spy agency, Mossad, is suspected to the behind the attack. More on how the assassination was planned and carried out, Telegraph. More on Mossad’s tactics, Reuters.

The U.S. is continuing street-to-street fighting in the Afghan town of Marja. The military is battling IEDs and small groups of Taliban fighters in an effort to secure the town, Al Jazeera.

The U.S. has sent one of its top diplomats to Syria in an effort to repair relations there, Associated Press. A discussion of U.S. sanctions on Syria, BBC News.

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Iranian Parliament Approves Prez’s Cabinet

18 of the 21 people nominated by Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad for cabinet positions have been approved by the Iranian parliament. Two of those rejected are women. One woman, Marzieh Vahid Dastjerdi, was approved as Minister of Health. One controversial appointment was Ahmad Vahidi who was appointed as Minister of Defense. Vahidi is wanted by Interpol for alleged involvement in planning the 1994 bombing of a Jewish cultural center in Buenos Aires, Argentina, New York Times.

Iraq has accused Syria of helping terrorists. Iraq claims that insurgents involved in bombings at Iraqi ministries are hiding in Syria, Voice of America.

The death toll from yesterday’s earthquake near the Indonesian island of Java has risen to 56. Rescue crews are searching for anyone still alive who may be trapped under the rubble, Voice of America.

French filmmaker Christian Poveda was found murdered in El Salvador. Poveda previously made a controversial documentary about gangs in El Salvador, Times Online.

Michael Jackson will be buried in a private ceremony in Los Angeles tonight, MTV.

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Seven Banks Fail in One Day in U.S.

Seven U.S. banks failed today, setting a new record. This means 52 banks have failed this year – more than double the total of all of 2008. Six banks in Illinois and one in Texas are the ones closed, but California and Georgia have the most failed banks of any states so far this year, CNN.

Syria has finally amended a law that allowed men who killed female relatives suspected of having illicit sex to receive small sentences. The law, Article 548, was used to decriminalize “honor killings,” and drew fire from women’s rights groups. The new law makes the minimum sentence two years instead of one, BBC News.

An investigation into the Air France Flight 447 crash shows the plane hit the ocean vertically and did not break up while still in the air. The discovery proves the speed sensors were not the cause of the crash, although they may have played some part, USA Today.

The U.S. Marines have launched a push into the Helmand River valley in southwestern Afghanistan to fight Taliban militants. 4,000 troops entered the area today in the biggest U.S. military attack since 2001, and many are worried the Taliban will be pushed back into Pakistan, causing more turmoil in the country, New York Times. Update: U.S. Marines have suffered their first casualty in the first full day of the Afghan campaign, AP.

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