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Votes for Sale in Afghanistan Election

A suicide car bombing on a road between the cities of Jalalabad and Kabul has killed 4 people in Afghanistan. Attacks are increasing ahead of Thursday’s elections. A provincial candidate was killed in an attack by the Taliban, Al Jazeera. The BBC has found evidence of fraud in the Afghan elections. Thousands of voter cards are for sale. It is also alleged that all major candidates have paid local leaders for votes. 17 million people are eligible to vote, but are being discouraged by the Taliban who say they will target anyone involved in the elections, BBC News.

Al Jazeera report on election security:

Former South Korea president Kim Dae-jung has died at the age of 85. President from 1998 to 2003, Kim won a Nobel Peace Prize for his work to promote democracy and reconciliation with North Korea, Yonhap.

The Russian Navy, which found the missing cargo ship Arctic Sea off the coast of Africa yesterday, has detained 8 accused hijackers, CNN.

64 people are feared dead after an accident at a Russian hydroelectric plant in Siberia, AP.

Sharon Keller, a judge in Texas, is on trial for professional misconduct for not allowing a man on death row to file a last minute appeal simply because the appeal came in after normal office hours. The man was executed by lethal injection, USA Today.

3 men (1 American and 2 Russians) have been arrested in the biggest case of identity theft in the U.S. The men hacked into online security systems to steal information from 130 million debit and credit cards. Radio Free Europe/Radio Liberty.

The White House has relaxed its insistence that any health care reform must have a public option (a government plan that people could buy like private insurance) and has expressed an openness to nonprofit health co-ops instead, New York Times.

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