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Fire at Russian Nightclub Kills 101

American Amanda Knox, 22, has been found guilty for the murder of her British roommate Meredith Kercher by an Italian jury. The case has garnered worldwide attention, in part due to Knox’s optimism that she would be acquitted of all charges. Her former boyfriend was also found guilty and Knox has been sentenced to 26 years in prison, CNN.

A fire at a Russian club has killed over 100 people. The fire occurred in the city of Perm and is believed to have by caused by fireworks, which were set off inside the club, BBC News.

Two Rwandan peacekeepers have been killed in Darfur by Sudan rebels. The peacekeepers were a part of the group Unamid, which have seen 19 of their workers killed in the area in the last two years, BBC News.

The opening matches and groups were set for the 2010 World Cup earlier today. Group G is largely considered the “Group of Death,” with Brazil, Portugal, and Ivory Coast all in the group. The U.S. and England will play a heavily anticipated match on June 12, CDB.

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Breaking: 2010 World Cup Groups Set

Group G is considered the “Group of Death” with strong records from Brazil, Portugal, and rising power Ivory Coast. The 1st and 2nd from each group and 3rd and 4th teams will play each other first. A schedule can be found here.

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Zelaya Briefly Returns to Honduras Despite Arrest Threat

Ousted President Manuel Zelaya briefly returned to Honduras today, despite the opposition government’s threat to arrest him for being back in the country. Zelaya was greeted by supporters as he crossed over to the country, but he quickly returned back to Nicaragua. The U.S. has deemed the move “reckless,” BBC News.

At least 17 people were killed when an airplane skidded off a runway while attempting to land in Iran. Reports say the tires failed to work and the plane, which was flying from the capital city Tehran to the northeastern city of Mashhad, skidded into a wall. Only nine days ago 168 people were killed in a plane crash in the country, Sky News.

Football star David Beckham has been fined $1,000 by the MLS for a run-in he had with a fan during halftime of a friendly matched played on Sunday. The fan, a part of a group who brought banners and signs admonishing Beckham for what they feel is a lack of commitment to the club, jumped from the stands to meet Beckham after the player walked to the stands and asked him to come down. Beckham has just rejoined the U.S. club after being loaned to AC Milan for five months and he has expressed interest in returning to Italy to play professionally, Sports Illustrated.

Archaeologists have discovered five shipwrecks off the coast of Italy that are believed to be from Roman times. The wrecks were found near Ventotene in the Mediterranean Sea. The ships are dated to be from between the 1st century B.C. and the 4th century, AP.

Hot Topic: Fears That Amazon Tribes Won’t Be Heard.

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Suicides in U.S. Army Continue to Increase

U.S. Army statistics show that the suicide rate among soldiers is rising at a record pace. 17 soldiers were either confirmed or believed to have committed suicide in the month of May. So far this year, there are 82 suspected/confirmed cases, which will most certainly pass last year’s 133 deaths, the most ever, CNN.

Sudan is allowing four aid agencies back into the country after ousting them from Darfur in March. Care International, Save the Children, Mercy Corps, and Padco will be allowed back in to help, as long as they slightly change their names and use different logos. The move is seen as a good sign for improving relations between aid agencies and the Sudanese government, BBC News.

Football club Real Madrid has paid a record-breaking 80M pounds to Manchester United in a transfer fee for star Cristiano Ronaldo. The fee is by far the highest in history. Man U. accepted the bid, allowing Real to begin talks with Ronaldo about a trade, BBC Sport.

American officials are reporting that they now have evidence that some al-Qaeda fighters are moving into Yemen and Somalia. Reports say leaders are among militants who have moved, and that they are in close contact with al-Qaeda members in Pakistan. The precense of the group especially in Somalia is troubling, as an Islamic militant group, the Shabab, are already threatening to topple the government, New York Times.


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President Bongo of Gabon Dies in Spain

After some confusion, Gabon officials have confirmed that President Bongo, the longest serving African leader, has died. He was being treated for cancer in Spain at the time of his death. The country will have a 30-day period of mourning, CNN.

The U.S. is calling for two American journalists, sentenced to 12 years of hard labor in a North Korean camp, to be released. The Obama administration says they believe the harsh sentence to be a ploy used to gain leverage. Laura Ling, 32, and Euna Lee, 36, were charged with illegally entering North Korean territory, but their families say they were actually arrested while they were on the border and had no intention of entering the country, New York Times.

International soccer star Kaka has been traded from Inter Milan to Real Madrid. Reports had indicated that Chelsea was interested in him, but his six-year deal is now complete, BBC Sport.

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Major General Says New Photos Show Sexual Abuse of Abu Ghraib Prisoners

Exclusively, the Daily Telegraph says a major U.S. general has told the paper that the Abu Ghraib photos President Obama has refused to release to the public show U.S. servicemen sexually abusing prisoners. A soldier is said to be seen raping a female prisoner in one set of photos, and in another a male translator is raping a male detainee, among other acts, Daily Telegraph.

A Taliban group in Pakistan has allegedly claimed responsibility for yesterday’s suicide bombing and attack that killed almost 30 people and wounder over 300 others. The Tehrik-i-Taliban Punjab group says they are the ones who opened fire on the crowd in Lahore. All three of the attackers were killed, one shot by police and the other two killed by the explosion. This attack comes only two months after a Lahore police academy was taken over by gunmen, Sky News.

The Barcelona football club beat England’s Manchester United today 2-0 to win the European Champions League final. Manchester United fell apart after Samuel Eto’o scored in the first minute. Lionel Messi, who is a contender to win this year’s Footballer of the Year award, secured the win with a goal in the 70th minute, BBC Sport.

Astronomers have discovered a supermassive black hole that can consume the equivalent of two Earths per hour. Black holes, which are so strong that they trap light, making them invisible, are believed to be at the center of almost all galaxies, Space.

A U.S. ship that served in WWII was sunk today off the coast of Florida to create an artifical reef. The project was 13 years in the making and will hopefully allow for marine life to grow so that fish have more sources for food, AP.

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Mother Nature Takes Its Toll on the Southeastern U.S.

Thai protesters are celebrating after having postponed a summit that was to bring together China and the Association of Southeast Asian Nations. The protesters, rallying against the current Thai government, reached the doors of the summit by breaking through a police cordon. Estimates of protesters has reached over 10,000 and there are reports of fighting between pro and anti-government groups, BBC News.

Protests also turned violent across the world at the New School in New York City. Students protesting the controversial president of the school took over the cafeteria this morning and in the end 22 people were arrested. Controversy has arisen about the police response, however, as amateur video shows students being beaten and pepper sprayed by police, NY Times. The video has been posted on our site here.

Severe weather has killed two people in the Southeastern U.S. state of Tennessee, and at least 41 are injured. 3 people were killed yesterday in Arkansas by a tornado there, CNN. Tornadoes were reported to have touched down in at least 3 Georgia counties tonight as well, AJC.

Simon Ellis-Jones of Sky News remembers the Hillsborough disaster, which will reach its twenty year anniversary on the 15th. On that day, 96 people in Sheffield, England were crushed to death at a Liverpool football match, Sky News.

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