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President Obama Meets with Asian World Leaders

U.S. President Barack Obama is 2 days into a 10 day trip to Asia. President Obama held a joint press conference with Japanese Prime Minister Yukio Hatoyama, whitehouse.org. Full coverage of the trip, whitehouse.gov.

President Obama will meet with leaders of member states of the Association of Southeast Asian Nations (ASEAN), including the Prime Minister of Myanmar, in Singapore today. Obama called for Myanmar to release its political prisoners, including pro-democracy activist Aung San Suu Kyi, Reuters.

President Obama will be in China from November 15-18 where he will hold a town hall meeting with Chinese students. Chinese news agency Xinhua has been soliciting questions for President Obama online, Xinhua.

NASA confirms that it has found a significant quantity of water on the moon, CNN.

The Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations has called for a world hunger strike today to highlight the issue, FAO. Follow on Twitter: @faonews. Sign a petition to stop world hunger, 1 billion hungry.

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Top Horse Scratched from Kentucky Derby

The favorite horse to win the Kentucky Derby, I Want Revenge, has been scrapped from today’s line-up, reportedly because of soft tissue damage in the ankle. At last year’s race, one of the favorites Eight Belles broke both ankles, collapsed and was euthanized on the track after finishing second. Officials seem to be even more cautious this year because of the last year’s tragedy, ESPN.

Since Friday, over 91 people have been killed by the Sri Lankan army at a makeshift hospital. The army has blamed the killings on Tamil Tigers’ suicide attacks, but a doctor in the hospital e-mailed BBC News pictures that seemed to contradict the military’s statement. As foreign journalists are not allowed in the country, neither account can be verified, but news sources do know thousands of civilians are trapped in the warzone, BBC News.

A jury has acquitted two Pennsylvania teens of serious charges stemming from the attack and murder of an illegal Mexican immigrant. The all-white jury convicted the two of simple assault, USA Today.

Take a look at Citizen’s Daily Brief’s coverage of the dramatic AWARE meeting in Singapre today.

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AWARE Battle in Singapore

Well, according to the #awaresg hashtag on Twitter, there’s a storm a-brewin’ in Singapore. From what we can gather (and check out media links below for better summaries), the women’s organization AWARE has been taken over by Christian fundamentalists and a no confidence vote is under way.

AWARE’s website. Their mission statement: “Our mission is to identify areas for improvement in gender equality, encourage positive change, and support women in realising their highest potential.”

Update: The votes have been collected – the majority voted no confidence. 1414 yes (for no confidence vote), 761 against. The Old Guard called for the Exco to resign. The New Guard didn’t respond in time, and so AWARE is voting on new officers.

Oh, not so fast! The New Guard has come back and will make a statement. Josie Lau announces they are “graciously stepping down.”


  • Pat Law is live at the meeting. Updates here.
  • ctham: Irene Ang has taken the mic: “I have no confidence in the new leadership”
  • intewig: Good parallel would be the US southern Baptists taking over Planned Parenthood in the name of “Pro Family, Pro America”
  • stuartkoe: Church members leaving in droves. I think they are in shock and completely didn’t expect this backlash.
  • euniqueflair: If you are here at the EGM, you could tell that the majority is going for no-confidence.
  • euniqueflair: A #awaresg member brought up 20k expenses and asks how much have the new comm spent but new comm shuns & don’t wanna reply.
  • helpsaveaware: the lawyer has been escorted off the premises for continuing to ask how much they spent
  • kelvl: Cameras and videocams not allowed in Suntec. Wayang Party’s journalist got his videocam confiscated
  • helpsaveaware: #awaresg the new exco said they estimated they spend $90,000 for all this. Omg. Crowd is outrage[d]
  • dominicsoon: Exco revealed that they spent 90k on EGM when they were legally entitled to spend only 20k. Almost all the money from new members
  • madespace: CNA report:ex-new guard might be taken to court for blowing $90K without consulting members. – each individually accountable!



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