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Milwaukee Police Arrest Suspected Serial Killer

Police in Milwaukee, Wisconsin have arrested 49-year-old Walter E. Ellis, who is suspected of murdering nine women over a span of 21 years. Ellis’ DNA was found on all nine of the bodies. Eight of the women were prostitutes and the other was a runaway, BNO News.

A 6.2 magnitude earthquake hit the country of Georgia today. The quake was shallow at only 6.2 miles deep and there are no reports so far of damage or causalities, BBC News.

President Obama delivered an energetic speech today at the A.F.L.-C.I.O. Labor Day picnic in Cincinnati about healthcare reform. Watch part of the remarks:

Hot Topic: Analysis: Furor over [Obama’s education] speech typifies polarization.

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Suspected Serial Killer Killed By Police

The man who is believed to have killed five people in the span of a week in Gaffney, S.C. has been killed by police. A burglary complaint led the police to the man’s house, and shots were fired between the suspect and police. One officer was shot in the leg and later released from the hospital, AP.

Nigerian militants claim to have blown up an oil pipeline in the country and say they have seized six workers from a chemical tanker. The militants are members of the Movement for the Emancipation of the Niger Delta and are seeking compensation from oil revenues generated in the country, almost all of which the government keeps for itself, CNN.

After over 150 people were killed in riots in Xinjiang, China, police have arrested 1,434 people for participating in the riots and trying to schedule more. Around 200 people attempted to gather again today but were forced away by police, BBC News.

Hot Topic: NPR looks at the story of an Iranian woman, stoned to death for a crime she didn’t commit. Read the article.

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Football Star Steve McNair Killed in Nashville

Former Tennessee Titans quarterback Steve McNair was killed today along with an unidentified female in downtown Nashville. Police suspect the two might have been killed in a robbery attempt. McNair retired from the NFL last year after spending two years with the Baltimore Ravens. McNair was 36, AP.

Police say a teenage girl who was shot Thursday by a serial killer in South Carolina has died, making her the killer’s fifth victim. Abby Tyler, 15, was shot while in her father’s furniture store. Her father was with her and was killed. On Wednesday, an 83-year-old woman and her daughter were killed, and last week a man was found shot to death in his home. All five murders occurred within 10 miles of one another in the town of Gaffney, AP.

That’s enough for the unhappy stuff, folks. Even if you’re not American, go enjoy the rest of the night and think of happier things. Thanks for reading.

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Statue of Liberty’s Crown Reopens for Independence Day

South Korea is reporting North Korea fired seven ballistic missiles in an act of defiance against the U.S. on this Independence Day. All seven missiles were fired off of North Korea’s east coast into the ocean. South Korea has said they believe the missiles flew at least 250 miles, AP.

Serene Williams handily won the Wimbledon women’s title today after beating her sister, Venus, n straight sets. This is the third Wimbledon championship win for Serena, BBC Sport.

The crown of the Statue of Liberty will reopen today for visitors for the first time since shortly after 9/11. Tickets for the weekend to reach the top of the statue sold out within hours of being available, MSNBC.

South Carolinian police have confirmed a serial killer is on the loose in the state’s Cherokee County. Police have linked four murders to the same person and advised that the shooter may be driving a light-gray or champagne tan 1991-1994 two-door Ford Explorer, CNN.

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Justice Souter Set to Retire from the U.S. Supeme Court

A 72-year-old California man who was arrested earlier this month is being called the most prolific serial killer in Los Angeles’ history. John Floyd Thomas, an insurance claims adjuster, is believe to have raped and murdered 30 elderly women in the span of three decades, AP.

The death toll from the attack at the Apeldoorn Queen’s Day celebrations has risen to five. A driver ran drive his car at a high speed into a crowd of people, extremely close to a bus carrying the royal family, before crashing into a monument. The driver has life-threatening injuries. but reports did say before he went into surgery he admitted to trying to attack the royal family, Sky News.

Activist women in Kenya have imposed a week-long sex ban on their husbands and partners in response to infighting within the government. The group are also thinking of paying prostitutes to join the ban, BBC News.

According to NPR sources, Supreme Court Justice David Souter will retire in June. Justice Souter has served more than 18 years in the high court and has been a moderate-to-liberal voice during his appointment. He most likely waited to retire during President Obama’s tenure to allow for a likeminded justice to be picked by the president, NPR.

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2 Killed When Car Crashes Into Crowd at Queen’s Day Celebrations

A gunman killed 13 people at a oil training academy in Baku, Azerbaijan and wounded another 10. There are some reports that a lone gunman killed himself and others say that there were as many as four gunman, AP.

A California woman claims her late father was the Zodiac Killer. Deborah Perez says her dad Guy Ward Hendrickson killed at least two of the Zodiac Killer’s victims. The number of deaths attributed to the serial killer range from five to as many as 36. Perez says she helped write and send some of the Zodiac’s letters to San Fransisco newspapers and was present when her father killed Darlene Ferrin, 22, and wounded Michael Mageau, 19, Sky News.

The WHO has raised the pandemic level to ‘Phase 5,’ the second highest level. The swine flu has been confirmed in 11 U.S. states and President Obama said yesterday the government would shut down schools if needed, NPR. Mexico has shut down even more, with many businesses closing and “all nonessential activity” halting, MSNBC.

A BBC investigation has determined that soldiers in the Central African Republic killed possibly 30 civilians in February to deter rebels. The African country, like many on the continent, is subject to infighting between the government and insurgent groups. 18,000 civilians have fled to Chad, CAR’s northern neighbor, to escape the fighting. Human rights abuses are also being investigated in the area, BBC News.

An eight-year-old Saudi girl who was married to a man in his 50s to pay off her father’s debts has finally been given an annulment. Outrage was sparked worldwide earlier in the year when a judge refused to grant the girl a divorce, BBC News.

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