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Russia, Georgia Mark One Year After War for South Ossetia

Today is the one year anniversary of the war between Russia and Georgia. The two countries were fighting over the South Ossetia area which was legally a part of Georgia but is more closely linked to Russia. After a long period of military build up on both sides last year, Georgian troops moved into the area and were repelled by Russian troops. Russia has declared the area to be independent while Georgia still maintains South Ossetia lawfully belongs to them, Bloomberg.

Oddly, the anniversary may have something to do with the denial of service attack that brought down Facebook, Livejournal, and Twitter yesterday. A 34-year-old Georgian man says that his online accounts were the targets of the attack yesterday. The man, whose username is Cyxymu, is a pro-Georgia blogger. He feels the attack was an effort to remove his content from public viewing and that the interference with Twitter and other applications was just collateral damage. We’ll be following this story, CNN.

The new leader of the Tamil Tigers, Selvarasa Pathmanathan, has been arrested by Sri Lanka. The Tamil people suffered a cripping offensive by the Sri Lanka military earlier this year. Sri Lanka claimed that Tamil Tiger militants were using civilians as human shields. It is unknown how many died, New York Times.

Iraq has suffered a rash of attacks against mosques and pilgrims. At least 30 are dead and 88 were injured by a car bomb in Rasheediyah, Iraq that detonated outside a Shiite mosque as worshippers were leaving Friday prayers. 20,000 police have been deployed to Karbala, Iraq in an effort to protect pilgrims as they make their way to the city to celebrate the birth of Mohammed al-Mahdi, the 12th Shiite imam. It is believed that he will return to earth bringing peace and harmony. Pilgrims have been killed and injured by bombing on the roads to Karbala, but no incidents have taken place inside the city. The event is being looked at as a test of the competence of the Iraqi security forces, Associated Press.

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