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Election News from Around the World

According to polls, Evo Morales, the incumbent president of Bolivia is poised for reelection. Morales previously sponsored a referendum that allowed him to seek a second term. Morales is the country’s first indigenous president, BBC News.

A run-off vote for president was held in Romania today. Current President Traian Basescu is running against former Foreign Minister Mircea Geoana. Geoana was leading in the polls going into the election. The run-off election follows a November 22 election that was marked with fraud. The third place finisher in that election dropped out and gave his support to Geoana in the run-off, Bloomberg.

Political instability continues in Honduras. Though conservative Porfirio Lobo Sosa won last Sunday’s vote, some countries, including Argentina, Brazil, and Spain, are still not recognizing the legitimacy of the election because ousted President Manuel Zelaya was not returned to power before the election. The voter turnout numbers are now being analyzed to see if an argument can be made that the election represented the will of the citizens of Honduras, CNN.

Iraq’s parliament has missed a deadline that would have approved elections for January 2010. Iraq has two vice presidents who both have veto power and Vice President Tariq al-Hashemi vowed to not approve new election rules unless greater representation for Iraq’s Sunni population was included.  Iraq does not currently have reliable census information. The UN has suggested February 27 as a new target date for an election, Al Jazeera.

Protesters clashed with police in Athens, Greece on the 1st anniversary of the police shooting of teenager Alexandros Grigoropoulos. Two officers charged with his death will begin trial next year, BBC News.

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Romania’s Government Collapses After PSD Resignation

A second major earthquake struck Indonesia yesterday, only a day after a 7.6 magnitude quake that killed at least 770 people. Yesterday’s earthquake, a magnitude 6.8, is reported to have caused damage, but no fatalities have been reported so far. Hundreds of people are still believed to be trapped in the rubble from the the first quake. The death toll from the earthquake and tsunami that hit the islands of Samoa, American Samoa, and Tonga has reached 150, AP.

The Romanian government has collapsed after the resignation of the Social Democrat Party (PSD). The party resigned as a protest against the firing of Dan Nica, the interior minister, after he expressed concern about possible fraud in next month’s elections, BBC News.

An inquest into the death of a 14-year-old girl after receiving a cervical cancer vaccine shows the vaccine did not cause her death. Experts say the HPV vaccine is safe for girls and only one in a million may have a life-threatening reaction to the vaccine, Sky News.

Hot Topic: Unity Is Rallying Cry Ahead of Iraq Elections.

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