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No Tsunami in Wake of Honduras Earthquake

Local radio reports one fatality in the 7.1 magnitude earthquake that shook Honduras for 88 seconds early this morning. While feared, a tsunami watch has been called off. See CDB’s live blog for a timeline of the events.

Secretary of State Hillary Clinton calls for Israel to stop building settlements in the West Bank, BBC News.

Transcript of the telephone conversation between Rod Blagojevich’s brother, Robert, and Roland Burris, the current US Senator from Illinois, C-SPAN.

In business news, Time Warner will separate from AOL, USA Today. AOL will be a publicly traded company. The AOL-Time Warner merger came at the height of the dot-com boom in 2000. It was shocking at the time because AOL, an internet company whose stock value had shot up during the 90s, bought Time Warner, a traditional media company with physical assets. January, 2000 write-up of the deal, CNN Money.

The Queen’s representative in Canada, Governor General Michelle Jean, showed her support for Canadian seal hunters by talking part in a traditional seal hunt in Nunavut this week. Canadians are largely supportive of the act as it is an Inuit tradition, but the European Union moved earlier this month to block the sale of seal products, Montreal Gazette.

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Car Bomb Kills 30 in Pakistan

A car bomb in Lahore, Pakistan has killed at least 30 and injured hundreds others. The bomb went off outside a police and secret service headquarters after men step out of the car and began firing rifles. The attack is thought to be in retaliation for the crackdown on Taliban militants in the Swat Valley, BBC News. Images of the blast, BBC News.

The UN Security Council is scrambling to find the right response to North Korea’s  declaration that it will not abide by the terms of the 1950s armistice that ended the Korea War. Outright military engagement is undesirable as North Korea has a one million member military. Sanctions are not likely to have much effect as North Korea is already very impoverished. The Security Council will try to get North Korea allies Russia and China to apply pressure, CNN.

Illinois Senator Roland Burris caught on tape offering to write a check to disgraced former Illinois Governor Rod Blagojevich as he asks for consideration for the Senate seat vacated by President Obama, Washington Post.


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300 Arrested in Anti-NATO Protests

There were more protests in London today, but it is the protests in Strasbourg at the NATO summit that are now making headlines. 300 have been arrested in the French town where leaders such as President Obama and British Prime Minister Brown are attending the 60th annual conference, which begins tomorrow, Sky News.

Thai and Cambodian troops have exchanged fire among a border they both claim to be theirs. There are no reported deaths so far, and reports say the skirmish may be over. Tensions have been high in the area since July and two Cambodian soldiers were killed last October in the area, BBC News.

Disgraced former governor of Illinois, Rod Blagojevich has been indicted on nineteen counts by a federal court. Bkagojevich was accused last year of trying to sell President Obama’s vacant Senate seat, as well as other bribery and corruption charges, NPR.

President Obama, in a conference held after the G20 summit, called the agreement an “historic” moment for recovering the world’s economy. Tomorrow at the NATO summit, the president is likely to talk of his plan for Afghanistan, BBC News.

And the #1 World News Story: G20 Heads Offer $1.1 Trillion To Aid World Economy.

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