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Univ of Alabama prof charged with murder in school shooting

A professor at the University of Alabama has been charged with murder after shooting 6 colleagues while attending a faculty meeting yesterday. 3 of the injured died. The shooter, Amy Bishop Anderson, is a Harvard-trained biology professor who had been at the University of Alabama in Huntsville since 2003, CNN. Anderson had recently been denied tenure, BBC News. Police have confirmed that Anderson accidentally shot her brother, who later died, in 1986, Boston Globe.

8 people died after an attack at a restaurant in Pune, India yesterday. The attack targeted The Germany Bakery restaurant which is frequented by European and Jewish customers. The attack followed the announcement that India and Pakistan would resume diplomatic talks, Reuters.

The 2010 Winter Olympics started on a tragic note yesterday when Nodar Kumaritashvili, a competitor in the luge event, died during a training run, BBC Sport.

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