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Gunman Cornered in Wash. House

Gunman still sought in shooting deaths of 4 Seattle police officers. Police tracked Maurice Clemmons to a home in east Seattle. Clemmons is thought to be the shooter that killed 4 police officers in a coffee shop near Tacoma, Washington Sunday morning. Clemmons has been arrested multiple times in Washington and his home state of Arkansas. The victims are Sgt. Mark Renninger, 39; Officer Ronald Owens, 37; Officer Tina Griswold, 40; and Officer Greg Richards, 42, CNN. Clemmons may have been shot by one of the officers, AFP.

The trial of John Demjanjuk for Nazi war crimes has begun in Munich. Demjanjuk, 89, is in poor health and doctors have asked that the trial to be limited to 3 hours a day. Demjanjuk is accused of being a concentration camp guard at Sobibor in Nazi-occupied Poland. He denies the charges, BBC News.

Swiss voters approved a referendum that would ban minarets, the towers on Muslim mosques. The proposal was driven by the Swiss People’s Party, a far-right party that holds majority in Swiss parliament, BBC News.

Porfirio Lobo, the conservative candidate for President in Honduras appears to have won yesterday’s election. If the rest of the world accepts the vote as legitimate, the Honduran constitutional crisis may be over, New York Times.


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Today’s Vote Could End Crisis in Honduras

Voters in Honduras are at the polls today to select the country’s next president. According to polls, conservative candidate Porfirio Lobo of the National Party is in the lead while the Liberal Party candidate, Elvin Santos, trails behind. Both Manuel Zelaya, the former Honduran president who was deposed in June after he tried to change the country’s constitution so that he would be eligible to run for a third term in office, and Roberto Micheletti, the man who has been acting president since then, are members of the Liberal Party, Christian Science Monitor.

Pakistan’s President Asif Ali Zardari has given up some of the presidential power that was expanded when his predecessor was in office. Presidential power was greatly expanded under President Pervez Musharraf who was a military general. Zardari moved control of the civilian seat on the National Command Authority which controls Pakistan’s nuclear arsenal to the office of the Prime Minister, New York Times.

The state news agency of Iran reported that the Iranian parliament has approved the construction of 10 new uranium enrichment nuclear facilities. The UN’s International Atomic Energy Agency has called for Iran to halt production of a recently discovered nuclear facility at Qom, CNN.

Rwanda has become the 54th country to be admitted to the Commonwealth of Nations and the second to be admitted without a British colonial past. The Commonwealth is a voluntary intergovernmental organization of member states that developed as former members of the British empire developed their own governments, BBC News.

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