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Update: Air France Flight 447 Crash

It has been almost ten hours since France announced Flight 447 had disappeared off their radar, and now we have more information about the passengers on the flight. An Air France official has announced there were 58 Brazilians, 61 French, 26 Germans, 9 Chinese, 5 Britons, and 2 Americans, among others, on board. You can find the complete list here.

The wreckage has not been found, but President Sarkozy of France says the change of finding any survivors is very small. The plane, en route to Paris from Rio de Janeiro, went down in the Atlantic Ocean this morning after apparently being struck by lightning. What is known as the plane hit stormy weather and called in a distress call, saying their electrical circuit had failed. More details as we get them.

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Breaking: Air France Jet Disappears Off Brazil’s Coast

An Air France jet carring 228 passengers to Charles de Gaulle Airport in France disappeared off the coast of Brazil shortly after it took off from Rio de Janeiro last night. The Brazilian Air Force has sent planes out to took for wreckage or any sign of the jet but officials say nothing has been found so far, CNN.

More on the story as it develops.

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Over 50 Dead in Deadly Plane Crash in Indonesia

Over 50 people have been killed in a plane crash in Indonesia according to initial reports. Eyewitnesses say the plane was completely destroyed and two people living in the area have been reported killed. At least 109 passengers and crew were on the plane, BBC News.

An arrest warrant has been issued for a missing mother who refused to allow her cancer-stricken son to get chemotherapy treatments. The warrant was issued after she missed a court hearing scheduled for yesterday. She has not been seen since and her son, 13-year-old Daniel Hauser, is also missing. A Minnesota court ruled that Daniel would have to undergo chemo treatments to treat his Hodgkin’s lymphoma, with doctors saying he has an 80 to 95% chance of survival if treated, CNN.

Senate Democrats have blocked President Obama’s request for $80 million to close the Guantanamo detention center. Legislators are worried that the over 200 detainees will have to be moved to the United States and are trying to send the prisoners to other countries instead, NY Times.

A small aftershock shook L.A. today, two days after a 4.7 earthquake hit the area. No damage or injuries were reporting after either quake, AP.

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Volcano Erupts in Alaska

14 people have been killed in a plane crash in Butte, Montana, including 7 children. The group is believed to have been traveling to Bozeman for a ski trip. The plane crashed just 500 feet from the airport into a cemetery, Yahoo! News.

Mumbai Terrorism

Mohammed Ajmal Amir Qasab

The only known living perpetrator of the Mumbai terror attacks in the start of his trial has said he is from Pakistan. Mohammed Ajmal Amir Qasab faces the death penalty if convicted. The November attacks killed 170 people in the Indian city, which lasted for days with terrorists holding hotel patrons hostage, BBC News.

Richard Falk, UN investigator into human rights in Palestine, is preparing to release a report that criticizes Israeli actions in Gaza in the battles at the start of the year. The report goes so far as to say that Israel may be tried for war crimes, but an independent investigation is necessary, BBC News.

A 15-year-old Michigan teen was killed by a taser, used by police officers trying to break up a fight. More details as they emerge, AP.

And the world’s #1 World News Story: Mount Redoubt in Alaska Has Erupted Four Times This Morning. | Photos | Twitter | Webcam (in daylight)

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