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Massive Coordinated Attack in Baghdad Kills 100+

At least 127 people are dead and more than 400 wounded after  well-coordinated car bomb attacks on 5 targets in Baghdad. The targets include a police station, government ministries, and a market. 4 of explosions went off nearly simultaneously. The attack is assumed to be in response to the announcement that elections are now scheduled for March 2010. Militants in Iraq, many of whom are former supporters of Saddam Hussein and are connected to al Qaeda, aim to show that the government cannot protect the country and to disrupt upcoming elections, BBC News.

Militants attacked Pakistan’s security agency in Multan with grenades and a car bomb, Reuters. Dozens were also killed in blasts at a market in Lahore, Pakistan yesterday, CNN.

New information has come out that Obama administration officials warned Pakistani military officials last month that if Pakistan did not increase its fight against Taliban militants, the U.S. would move more military force into Pakistan, New York Times.

Analysts warn that al Qaeda may try to provoke a conflict between India and Pakistan, two countries that have historically had uneasy relations, Reuters.

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Afghanistan Poppy/Opium Crop Down

A new U.N. report says poppy cultivation in Afghanistan is down 22%. Afghanistan is the world’s leading grower of the crop which is used to make heroin and opium, BBC News. Download the full U.N. report (PDF file), BBC News.

Dr. Abdullah Laghmani, the Deputy Intelligence Chief for Afghanistan, was assassinated by a suicide bomber this morning as he was leaving a mosque in Laghman province. 15 others were killed and at least 45 wounded, New York Times.

In Pakistan, the country’s religious affairs minister has survived an attempted assassination. Two gunmen shot at Hamid Saeed Kazmi as he was leaving his office. His driver was killed, but Kazmi was wounded in the leg and is being treated in hospital. The attack is thought to be retaliation from the Taliban which Pakistan has been cracking down on lately, Reuters.

A truck bomb exploded outside the Athens stock exchange  in Greece early this morning. One person was injured, Bloomberg.

A 7.0 magnitude earthquake struck Indonesia today. The quake was felt in the capital of Jakarta, but was centered near Indonesia’s Java island where 15 people were killed, Voice of America.

The two American journalists, Laura Ling and Euna Lee, who were arrested for illegally crossing the border to North Korea have released their first statement since being released last month, Current TV.

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Massive Attack in Bagdad Injures 100s

A massive coordinated attack involving truck bombs and mortar attacks in Baghdad has killed at least 75 people and injured at least 300. The attack targeted government buildings, including the Defence Ministry and Finance Ministry as well as just outside the ultra-secure Green Zone where the Iraqi parliament building was damaged, BBC News. Photo gallery of the attacks, BBC News.

Maulvi Omar, spokesman for the Taliban, has been captured by Pakistani security forces. Reports indicate that Omar has confirmed that Pakistani Taliban leader Baitullah Mehsud was killed in a drone attack two weeks ago. Pakistan launched a major campaign to root out Taliban extremists and appears to be making headway, AFP.

North Korea has expressed interest in sending a delegation to the funeral of former South Korean President Kim Dae-Jung, CNN.

Journalist and commentator Robert Novak died yesterday after a year-long struggle with brain cancer. Novak is best known as the conservative voice on CNN’s show Crossfire and for his involvement in the outing of CIA agent Valerie Plame, Voice of America.

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