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Police Attempt to Disperse Iranian Protesters Gathered at Grave of Neda Soltan

Neda Soltan, the young woman who was shot dead on the street during the protests of the Iranian presidential elections last month, has become a symbol of the opposition movement and of the injustice of current government. 100s, including opposition leader Mir Hossein Mousavi, have gathered at the graves of those killed in the violence last month. The group requested permission to meet at a Tehran mosque but was denied on the grounds that if they felt the need to ask, the gathering must be political. Witnesses say police have moved on the gathering, trying to break it up, Voice of America. Transcript of chat with Neda’s mother, BBC News.

Update: The Los Angeles Times is reporting that uniformed security forces and undercover police moved to break up the gathering at the Behesht Zahra cemetery in Tehran, but were overwhelmed by the number of people joining the protest and retreated, Los Angeles Times.

Although public opinion has forced the government to release many of the detainees picked up during last month’s protests, 20 opposition detainees will go on trial in Iran on Saturday.  They will be charged with planting bombs and carrying weapons, BBC News.

Nigerian security forces say they have destroyed the headquarters of a militant Islamic sect that has been attacking police stations and mosques since Sunday, Times Online.

An inquiry into the Iraq war will begin in the UK today. Former Prime Minister Tony Blair will be called to testify, among others, Reuters.

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