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UGA Professor’s Wife Wanted a Divorce

The driver who killed 5 people yesterday in Apeldoorn, Holland has died. The man’s name has not yet been released, CNN. Update: BNO confirms a sixth person has died from injuries sustained during yesterday’s crash.

Worldwide, workers are marching on this May Day to protest how their governments have handled the economic crisis. Violence has already erupted in Germany and Turkey. In Germany, at least 12 were arrested and around 30 injured when protesters clashed with police. Tear gas was fired in Istanbul and a “large number” were arrested. At least 300 rallies are expected in France alone and dozens of other countries are set to participate. We’ll update as the protests go on, BBC News.

In some happy sports news (unless you’re a Celtics fan), the Chicago Bulls took the Boston Celtics to triple overtime in last night’s 128-127 win in game 6 of the NBA playoffs, evening the series. Celtics’ player Ray Allen scored 51 points, the second highest number of playoff points in a single game in Celtics history, but Rookie of the Year Derrick Rose’s block in the final seconds cemented the Bulls win. The teams will play game 7 in Boston on Saturday night, Suite101 profile on Rose.

Reports have emerged that Professor George Zinkhan’s wife, whom he killed last Saturday along with two others in Athens, GA, wanted a divorce. The UGA professor is still on the loose and the authorities have admitted that they have no leads on where he has gone, although some police believe he has committed suicide, AJC.

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