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Countdown Begins for Copenhagen Deal

World leaders spoke at the UN Climate Change Summit in Copenhagen today, BBC News. Text of U.S. President Barack Obama’s speech, New York Times. The outcome of the summit is seriously in doubt as many leaders fear that a binding agreement will not be reached. Leaders from the U.S., U.K., and Australia urged delegates to sign a 3-page declaration, draft text [pdf], BBC News.

The sole surviving suspect in the deadly 2008 Mumbai terror attacks that killed 166 people has retracted his confession, Al Jazeera.

A British court has blocked the planned strike of British Airways employees that would have disrupted holiday travel over a 12-day period over the Christmas and New Year’s holidays, CNN.

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Germany’s Top Soldier Resigns over Civilians Deaths

Wolfgang Schneiderhan, Germany’s top soldier in Afghanistan, has resigned due to allegations of a cover-up of the events of September 4 in which a fuel truck that has been stolen by militants was blown up by a NATO airstrike under the command of the German military. Many civilians were also killed in the attack, although reports range from between 30 to 70 civilian deaths. Schneiderhan resigned because he was allegedly involved in a cover-up in which the German military at first insisted that no civilians had been killed, BBC News.

Today marks the first anniversary of the terrorist attacks that killed 166 people in Mumbai, India. Mumbai is marking the day with vigils and commemorations, Associated Press.  More on the 26/11 memorials, Times of India.

A new report says that the Catholic Church in Ireland covered up child abuse by priests.  The government-produced report looked at allegations against 46 priests from 1975-2004, Associated Press.

The website Wikileaks has posted half a million text messages that it says are from September 11th, 2001, CNN.

The U.N. has called for more effort to eliminate violence against women, Xinhua.

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Terror in Mumbai

Terror in Mumbai is a documentary that tells the story of the Mumbai terror attacks of 2008 using survelleince footage, recorded conversations, and interviews from people who were there. This is probably the best program I’ve ever seen on what drives terrorists because it includes the actual phone conversations of the terrorists who carried out the attacks during the operation, LiveLeak.com.

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Taliban Issues New Rules on Suicide Bombings, Treatment of Prisoners

The Taliban has issued a new code of conduct that emphasizes avoiding civilian casualties in an effort to improve the organization’s image and win the hearts of civilian Muslims. In an attempt to centralise operations, the Taliban’s leader, Mullah Omar, has declared that splinter groups are not allowed. The new rules also declare that kidnapping for money is not allowed and that prisoners must be treated with certain standards. Titled “The Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan Rules for Mujahideen,” the small, 13 chapter book has been issued to every Taliban fighter in Afghanistan, Al Jazeera.

See the full report on Al Jazeera.

The death toll from violence in Nigeria that we reported on last night has increased to 150 over the past two days. Islamic militants attacked the Potiskum police station yesterday. BBC News says that it counted 100 bodies there, mostly militants. The police station was burned to the ground, BBC News.

Three people have been convicted of involvement in terror attacks in Mumbai, India in 2003. Mohammed Hanif Sayed, his wife Fahimida and Ashrat Shafique Ansari are accused of conspiring with Lashakr-e-Toiba, a terrorist group in India, to bomb the Gateway of India and Zaveri Bazaar. The blasts killed 53 people. All three are expected to receive the death penalty, IBN.

Recent reports that Iranian president Mahmoud  Ahmadinejad fired two cabinet members may trigger a confidence vote in Iran’s parliament. Iran’s constitution says that if more than half of the cabinet is replaced during a four year term, a confidence vote can be held. Ahmadinejad had replaced 9 out of 21 cabinet members prior to this weekend. A spokesman says that only one cabinet was fired this weekend, not two, but others are reporting thatAhmadinejad has asked one of the ministers to return, CNN.

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bin Laden Son Reportedly Killed in Drone Attack

Saad bin Laden, the son of Osama bin Laden, was killed by a US drone attack in Pakistan earlier this year, according to military sources, NPR.

President Obama answered questions about his health care priorities during a press conference last night. 47 million Americans are without health insurance, Associated Press. The one off topic question during teh press conference was about the arrest of Harvard professor Henry Louis Gates, Jr. President Obama said the police acted “stupidly” for arresting Gates while in his own home, Washington Post.

Ford posted a $2.3 billion profit for the second quarter. Last year at the same time Ford posted a $8.7 billion loss, Wall Street Journal.

UK Prime Minister Gordon Brown is under fire for criticism that the country has not provided enough helicopters for its soldiers in Afghanistan. 188 UK soldiers have died in the conflict, BBC News.

The trial of Ajmal Amir Kasab for last November’s Mumbai terror attacks will continue despite his plea of guilty and his appeal to the court that he “is ready to be hanged,” IBN.

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