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Shows of Protest for the Economy and the Earth

Tens of thousands of protesters marched in London today in protest of the upcoming G20 summit. U.S. Vice President Joe Biden urged protesters to give the governments a chance to work on fixing the economic situation, BBC News.

Electronic spies have infiltrated the offices of several governments and private offices, according to Canadian researchers. They have concluded that the spies are almost exclusively in China, but cannot confirm or deny whether the Chinese government is involved. The Dalai Lama, who has been denounced by China, has had his office infiltrated, NY Times.

Israeli soldiers have confirmed in testimony the Palestinian and NGO claims that Palestinians were needlessly killed during the conflict at the beginning of the year. The Israeli government has denied in the past that civilians were targeted and claimed the death toll was exaggerated, NPR.

And the #1 World News Story: The World Goes Dark for Earth Hour. | Our Live Post.

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Flash Floods in Midwest Continue

Flash floods continue on the Red River and the Missouri River in the Midwest. Residents continue to sandbag along the Red River near Fargo, North Dakota. Crests of the river could reach as much as 41 feet. An ice jam on the same river threatens areas in Manitoba, including Winnipeg. 40 homes have been evacuated. The province spent over $11 million on breaking up the ice already this season, CBC News.

Courts in China uphold the convictions of two men involved in the tainted milk scandal. The men knowingly sold milk contaminated with melamine. 6 children died and over 300,000 became ill. One of the men is sentenced to spend 8 years in prison; the other man is sentenced to death, Washington Post.

A new Pentagon report outlines advances in Chinese military capabilities. China has decreased the size of the military to focus on technological advances, including cyber warfare and longer range missiles, CNN.

At least 11 dead in Pakistan suicide attack in Dera Ismail Khan. The attack targeted anti-Taliban fighters who were loyal to pro-government leader Turkistan Bitani, International Herald Tribune.

At least 16 dead in northern Baghdad car bombing, Yahoo News.

Fatal avalanches continue in British Columbia, Canada. One person died yesterday in an avalanche near Kimberley. Two others have been missing since Tuesday and are feared dead. 21 people have died in avalanches in British Columbia this year, Globe and Mail.

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Millions March in France

Video: Three million people have taken to the streets in France to take part in demonstrations across the country, according to French unions. Police have put the number around 1.2 million instead. Unions are seeking worker protection after the unemployment rate has soared, reaching 2 million people without jobs, BBC News.

The Israeli army has announced it will investigate Gaza shootings from the battles taking place around the new year. 1300 Palestinians were killed, and many aid groups and international organizations claim most of these deaths were unarmed civilians, NY Times.

A 7.9 earthquake outside of the Tonga Islands this afternoon triggered a tsunami warning for the surrounding areas. The warning has since been canceled, but officials say they will continue to monitor the area for activity, Sky News.

And today’s #1 World News Story: Bin Laden Urges Fighters To Take Somalia.

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