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Hundreds of Thousands Granted Canadian Citizenship

Hundreds of thousands of people are about to become Canadian citizens, and most don’t even know it. Canada passed an amendment to the Citizenship Act that will reinstate citizenship to those who were forced to renounce it when they became citizens of foreign countries. Their children will also be granted Canadian citizenship. United States citizens are believed to be the biggest group who will be granted citizenship, WSJ.

President Obama, in his tour of Latin America, has pledged to offer Cuba “a new beginning.” Relations have been more than strained between the two countries since the ’60s when Fidel Castro assumed power. Cuba has partnered with Hugo Chavez’s Venezuela in recent years to help one another, with Cuba supplying Venezuela with trained doctors, teachers, and medical personnel and Venezuela giving Cuba oil, among other trades, BBC News.

As we reported on our Twitter yesterday, 1500 farmers in India have committed mass suicide in the face of growing debt. Drought contributed to the farmers’ debt and less crops mean more debt for farmers in the region, Belfast Telegraph.

The EPA has officially concluded that greenhouse gases are a health hazard, leading the way for stricter regulations. The agency has the power to regulate car emissions and where we get out power from, thus big environment-friendly changes could finally be coming in the U.S., NPR.

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