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Cheney Told CIA Not to Brief Congress on Programs

More information is coming to light about Dick Cheney’s tight control of the CIA during the Bush administration. The New York Times has reported on a secret CIA program initiated after September 11, 2001. No details on what the program was have been made public, but Cheney instructed CIA Director Leon Panetta to hide the program from Congress, CNN.

Police in Greece demolished an illegal migrant camp in the port city of Patras. Bulldozers flattened makeshift housing but a volunteer tent for doctors and a makeshift mosque were allowed to stand.  Many of the migrants come from war-torn Afghanistan, BBC News.

500 people rallied in Toyko today  in support of the Uighurs of China. About 50 Uighur expatriates and hundreds of Japanese marched to show support for the Uighur cause and to ask Chinese President Hu Jintao to stop his propaganda campaign. It is still unclear who the majority of the 184 who died in last Sunday’s riot were. The Chinese government claims they were Han Chinese, but Uighur leaders say Uighurs were targeted by police, AFP.

Hundreds in Germany pay tribute to Marwa Sherbini, the Egyptian woman who was stabbed 18 times in a German courtroom last week by a man who was on trial for using racial slurs against her and ridiculing her use of the traditional headscarf. Sherbini was three months pregnant at the time of her death. Her husband was also injured as he tried to defend her from the attacker. It is unknown how the man managed to bring a knife into a courtroom, Al Jazeera.

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