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The Future of Manned Space Travel

NASA has delivered the space shuttle Atlantis to its launch pad in anticipation of a planned November 12 launch date to take a team of six astronauts to the International Space Station for an 11-day mission, MS-NBC.

NASA is considering cutting jobs in an effort to save enough money to keep a manned mission to the moon in the works, Houston Chronicle.

The June 2009 issue of IEEE Spectrum, was devoted to Mars, with articles including: why, despite past predictions, we’re not there yet, Mars Is Hard; the psychology of astronauts, The Kind of People Who Will Go to Mars; and new ideas for how to get there, Rockets for the Red Planet.

In an editorial for the New York Times, Lawrence M. Krauss, the director of the Origins Initiative at Arizona State University, made a bold suggestion: a manned mission to Mars can be undertaken soon if there’s no plan to bring the astronauts back to Earth. Predicting that exposure to radiation from the sun during the journey to Mars would shorten an astronauts lifespan anyway, Krauss suggests sending older astronauts to Mars where they can spend their last years carrying out experiments and setting up bases for future exploration, New York Times.

NASA’s Mars homepage, NASA.

Check NightSky for information on what you can see from your area, Space.com. How to spot satellites, Space.com.

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