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Afghan Votes Excluded; Airstrike Investigated; Rescue Criticized

The U.N.-backed Afghan Election Fraud Commission has excluded votes from 83 polling places, Associated Press.

A Nato probe of the airstrike that targeted two stolen fuel tankers near Kunduz, Afghanistan and also resulted in significant civilians casualties has determined that the German Nato commander who ordered the strike overstepped his bounds, AFP.

Nato’s also been criticized regarding the rescue of kidnapped journalist Stephen Farrell. Farrell’s translator, the Afghan journalist Sultan Munadi was killed in the rescue along with two other civilians and a British solider, CNN.

Japan’s death row conditions are so harsh that many prisoners are going insane reports Amnesty International. 102 people are currently on death row in Japan where criminal trials have a 99% conviction rate. Prisoners are completely isolated and are not allowed out of their cells except  brief exercise sessions. One man has been on death row for 40 years, BBC News.

A stampede at a crowded school in Delhi, India resulted in the death of 5 girls and injured at leat 30, IBN.

A Republican member of the California Assembly, Michael Duvall, resigned yesterday after he was inadvertently recorded bragging about affairs he was having with two women, New York Times.


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NATO to Investigate Yesterday’s Deadly Airstrikes

A NATO team has arrived in Kunduz province in Afghanistan to investigate the airstrike that blew up two hijacked fuel tankers and killed 90 people (Taliban militants and civilians) yesterday. A German commander authorized the strike early Friday morning but a German patrol didn’t reach the area until 10 hours later, CNN International.

Al Jazeera has video of the aftermath of the incident.

After recent months of unrest and rioting, the head Communist Party official and the police chief of the Xinjiang Uighur Autonomous Region in China have both been fired, Xinhua. It is rare that Chinese officials are removed from power. Q & A: China and the Uighurs, BBC News.

UK Justice Secretary Jack Straw has admitted that oil was a factor in the deal to release Lockerbie bomber Abdelbeset Ali Mohmed al Megrahi. al Megrahi is dying of cancer and was released from prison in Scotland to go home to Libya on “compassionate grounds.” The move was met with sharp disapproval by the U.S. as there were many American victims on Pan Am Flight 103, the plane the al Megrahi is convicted of bombing in 1988, CNN.

Amazon has apologized for deleting content its Kindle e-book device without user permission. In July Amazon deleted the George Orwell books “1984” and “Animal Farm” because the company discovere it did not have authorization to publish the books. The move sparked outrage and brought up questions of whether digital content is actually owned or just rented by the consumer, CNET.

President Obama’s Weekly Address looks forward to Labor Day (next Monday) and focuses on economic challenges ahead.

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