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October Becomes Deadliest Month in Afghanistan for U.S.

The UN is calling for Israel to immediately halt all forced evictions and demolitions of Palestinian homes. 26 people lost their homes today in East Jerusalem, including 10 children, bringing the total to 600 this year. Additionally, 60,000 people may be in risk of losing their homes, according to the UN, Xinhau.

At least 10 members of an amateur Colombian soccer team have been found dead with gunshot wounds in Venezuela, authorities said Sunday. 12 players were seized while playing a game in the neighboring country. One escaped and another is unaccounted for, Reuters.

With the deaths of eight more soldiers today, October has become the deadliest month for U.S. troops in Afghanistan since the war began in 2001. The eight were killed by multiple improvised explosive devices (IEDs). An Afghan civilian was also among the dead, BBC News.

The fossilized skull of a “sea monster” has been uncovered on the Dorset coast. The creature is believed to be a pliosaur, which ruled the ocean 150 million years ago. Judging by the skull size, the plisosaur could have been 52 feet from head to tail and weighed 12 tons, Guardian UK.

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DJ AM Found Dead in New York Apartment

Adam Goldstein, aged 36 and known as DJ AM, has been found dead in his New York City apartment. The popular DJ survived a plane crash last year, along with Blink-182 drummer Travis Barker, in which all others on board perished. There are reports that he died from a drug overdose, but those reports cannot be substantiated at this time, MTV.

The couple charged with kidnapping Jaycee Lee Dugard in 1991 and hiding her in their backyard for 18 years have entered a plea of not guilty to all charges. Phillip Garrido, 58, and his spouse Nancy, 54, have been charged on 28 counts, including kidnapping and rape, and police are now searching their home for evidence that could connect Phillip Garrido with a string of murders of prostitutes. Police say the bodies were dumped in the ’90s in an area close to Garrido’s work at the time, MSNBC.

August has become the deadliest month for U.S. troops in Afghanistan since the war started in 2001. 45 service members have been killed this month, with the latest death coming today when a soldier died in an attack on his vehicle, New York Times.

Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad is calling for the arrest of his political rivals, New York Times.

Hot Topic: Charting New Orleans’ progress since Katrina.

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12 Students Killed in Tehran Violence

It was estimated that over one million people attended today’s rallies in Tehran to show support for reform candidate Mousavi. At least one person was shot and killed at the rally, but according to pictures and videos circulating on the web, there were likely more deaths. Police are mostly targeting students and raiding university dormitories. At least 12 students have been killed in the raids, Guardian.

Pictures from the Boston Globe. | Bahramks.

At least three bodies of missing foreigners in Yemen have been found, although sources are saying it is possible more were recovered. Nine foreigners were kidnapped by a suspected Shia rebel faction while the group were on a picnic. Three of the nine kidnapped were children, and other reports say two children have been found alive, but this has not been confirmed, BBC News.

Scientists say a glacier in Argentina is actually growing, despite global warming. The Perito Moreno glacier grows using snow from the Andes, but they are not sure why this glacier is expanding while almost all others are shrinking or disappearing completely, AP.

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Over 50 Dead in Deadly Plane Crash in Indonesia

Over 50 people have been killed in a plane crash in Indonesia according to initial reports. Eyewitnesses say the plane was completely destroyed and two people living in the area have been reported killed. At least 109 passengers and crew were on the plane, BBC News.

An arrest warrant has been issued for a missing mother who refused to allow her cancer-stricken son to get chemotherapy treatments. The warrant was issued after she missed a court hearing scheduled for yesterday. She has not been seen since and her son, 13-year-old Daniel Hauser, is also missing. A Minnesota court ruled that Daniel would have to undergo chemo treatments to treat his Hodgkin’s lymphoma, with doctors saying he has an 80 to 95% chance of survival if treated, CNN.

Senate Democrats have blocked President Obama’s request for $80 million to close the Guantanamo detention center. Legislators are worried that the over 200 detainees will have to be moved to the United States and are trying to send the prisoners to other countries instead, NY Times.

A small aftershock shook L.A. today, two days after a 4.7 earthquake hit the area. No damage or injuries were reporting after either quake, AP.

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At Least 90 Killed in Earthquake in Central Italy

Thousands have been injured in an earthquake that struck the mountainous central area of Italy. At least 90 are reported dead. The earthquake struck in the early morning hours when most were asleep. Hardest hit was the medieval city of L’Aquila where hundreds of historic buildings may have been destroyed. A strong earthquake previously struck the region in 2002, resulting in the deaths of 28 people, BBC News.

2 aid workers kidnapped in Sudan, CTV.

Vancouver gang violence continues with a shooting at a Boston Pizza in East Vancouver. The shooting is thought to be a targeted hit . There have been 41 shootings in Vancouver this year, BC Local News.

Car bombs rock Baghdad. Six car bombs, all set off remotely, have killed at least 32 and injured dozens more. U.S. military officials also announced a soldier was killed in the Diyala province on Sunday, the first combat casualty since March 16, Washington Post.

Still no agreement on response to North Korea’s ballistic missile launch from the UN Security Council, Voice of America.

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