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Dallas Cowboys Facility Hit by Storm, 12 Injured

12 people were injured, at least 1 critically, when an air-supported roof over a Dallas Cowboys training facility collapsed during a storm. A CNN viewer sent in a picture of what appears to be an upside-down funnel cloud, but officials are not sure if a tornado touched down or not. CNN has terrifying video of the collapse here.

The execution of a young Iranian women who was found guilty of murder when she was 17-years-old has sparked outrage from human rights organizations. Amnesty International says Delara Darabi, who was hanged, didn’t receive a fair trial and was executed by prison officials even though an Iranian court had granted Darabi a two-month stay of execution. Darabi originally confessed to the crime, but has since recounted, saying she took the blame for her boyfriend, BBC News.

The official death toll from the swine flu has been lowered significantly and Mexican officials are hoping that the worst is over. 17 people have died from the flu, but fewer people are reporting symptoms and no deaths from the virus have occurred since Wednesday in the North American country. Meanwhile, the disease is spreading to other continents, but by all accounts, it is only the mild strain appearing outside of Mexico, NPR.

Mine That Bird, a 50-1 longshot, won the Kentucky Derby in spectacular fashion today. The upset ties for second place for the biggest upset in Derby history, tying 2005 winner Giacomo’s 50-1 odds and behind the 91-1 upset in 1913 when Donerail won the race, ESPN.

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Top Horse Scratched from Kentucky Derby

The favorite horse to win the Kentucky Derby, I Want Revenge, has been scrapped from today’s line-up, reportedly because of soft tissue damage in the ankle. At last year’s race, one of the favorites Eight Belles broke both ankles, collapsed and was euthanized on the track after finishing second. Officials seem to be even more cautious this year because of the last year’s tragedy, ESPN.

Since Friday, over 91 people have been killed by the Sri Lankan army at a makeshift hospital. The army has blamed the killings on Tamil Tigers’ suicide attacks, but a doctor in the hospital e-mailed BBC News pictures that seemed to contradict the military’s statement. As foreign journalists are not allowed in the country, neither account can be verified, but news sources do know thousands of civilians are trapped in the warzone, BBC News.

A jury has acquitted two Pennsylvania teens of serious charges stemming from the attack and murder of an illegal Mexican immigrant. The all-white jury convicted the two of simple assault, USA Today.

Take a look at Citizen’s Daily Brief’s coverage of the dramatic AWARE meeting in Singapre today.

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