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Last Year’s Burma Cyclone Victims Still Need Aid

This morning, Georgia authorities found George Zinkhan’s jeep in northwestern Clarke County and put one nearby school on lockdown, but the search for the former UGA professor in the area has been called off. Investigators believe the car had been abandoned days ago. Police now believe the crime was more calculated than previously thought and not just a crime of passion, AJC.

Officials tell BNO News that the MGM Grand hotel in Las Vegas, the second largest hotel in the world, was robbed this morning. A sole gunman robbed the casino and fled on foot, presumably not taking a huge chunk of the famous hotel’s worth. More details as they emerge, BNO.

Take a look at BBC News’ worldwide map showing what countries have been affected by the swine flu and how many cases they have.

The UN reports that hundreds of thousands of people still need help after last year’s cyclone in Burma that killed about 140,000 people. The UN and Burma have asked for $700m in relief, but have only received $100m. Most foreign journalists are banned from the Asian country, possibly a cause of why there is so much less interest and help given to the victims than in recent tsunamis in other Asian countries, BBC News.

Obama walked unannounced into today’s White House press briefing to announce Justice Souter’s retirement. Watch:

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Justice Souter Set to Retire from the U.S. Supeme Court

A 72-year-old California man who was arrested earlier this month is being called the most prolific serial killer in Los Angeles’ history. John Floyd Thomas, an insurance claims adjuster, is believe to have raped and murdered 30 elderly women in the span of three decades, AP.

The death toll from the attack at the Apeldoorn Queen’s Day celebrations has risen to five. A driver ran drive his car at a high speed into a crowd of people, extremely close to a bus carrying the royal family, before crashing into a monument. The driver has life-threatening injuries. but reports did say before he went into surgery he admitted to trying to attack the royal family, Sky News.

Activist women in Kenya have imposed a week-long sex ban on their husbands and partners in response to infighting within the government. The group are also thinking of paying prostitutes to join the ban, BBC News.

According to NPR sources, Supreme Court Justice David Souter will retire in June. Justice Souter has served more than 18 years in the high court and has been a moderate-to-liberal voice during his appointment. He most likely waited to retire during President Obama’s tenure to allow for a likeminded justice to be picked by the president, NPR.

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