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Gunman Cornered in Wash. House

Gunman still sought in shooting deaths of 4 Seattle police officers. Police tracked Maurice Clemmons to a home in east Seattle. Clemmons is thought to be the shooter that killed 4 police officers in a coffee shop near Tacoma, Washington Sunday morning. Clemmons has been arrested multiple times in Washington and his home state of Arkansas. The victims are Sgt. Mark Renninger, 39; Officer Ronald Owens, 37; Officer Tina Griswold, 40; and Officer Greg Richards, 42, CNN. Clemmons may have been shot by one of the officers, AFP.

The trial of John Demjanjuk for Nazi war crimes has begun in Munich. Demjanjuk, 89, is in poor health and doctors have asked that the trial to be limited to 3 hours a day. Demjanjuk is accused of being a concentration camp guard at Sobibor in Nazi-occupied Poland. He denies the charges, BBC News.

Swiss voters approved a referendum that would ban minarets, the towers on Muslim mosques. The proposal was driven by the Swiss People’s Party, a far-right party that holds majority in Swiss parliament, BBC News.

Porfirio Lobo, the conservative candidate for President in Honduras appears to have won yesterday’s election. If the rest of the world accepts the vote as legitimate, the Honduran constitutional crisis may be over, New York Times.


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Pakistani Refugees Return to Swat Valley

2 million refugees are returning to Pakistan’s Swat Valley. Swat Valley residents were evacuated from the area while the Pakistani military conducted an intensive fight against the Taliban. The area is safe for families to return to but many homes have been destroyed, Voice of America.

Unrest continues in the Chinese city of Urumqi between Muslim Uighurs and the Chinese government. Two Uighurs were shot and killed by police today. The police were trying to prevent the men from attacking another Uighur, according to official reports, BBC News .

The Prime Minister of Japan is expected to call an election on August 30. His party, the LDP, which has been in power in Japan for most of the past 30 years, suffered losses in recent Toyko elections prompting a vote of no confidence, Reuters.

Suspected Nazi John Demjanjuk has been charged with 27,900 counts of accessory to murder for his alledged involvement in the gassing of prisoners at a concentration camp in Poland during World War II, Associated Press.

The spaceshuttle Endeavor is set for another launch attempt this evening. This will be the fifth try on this go round, Associated Press.

South Korean media reports that Kim Jong-il is suffering from pancreatic cancer, Christian Science Monitor.

Sonia Sotomayor, US President Barack Obama’s nominee to replace David Souter on the Supreme Court, will begin her Congressional confirmation hearings today at 10am EDT. USA Today is live blogging the hearings. Watch live on CSPAN.

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