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CDU and Merkel Win German Election

Angela Merkel’s Christian Democratic Union has won the German election. The CDU will have to team up with the Free Democratic Party (FDP or commonly referred to as the Liberals) for a majority. Merkel will remain Germany’s Chancellor. In the elections four years ago, the CDU had to align with the Social Democratic Party (SPD) which is more liberal than the CDU and was not an easy fit.  The new CDU-FDU coalition will be more pro-business and Merkel has also promised tax cuts, CNN International.

More than 140 people are confirmed dead in severe floods caused by heavy rains in the Philippines. Over 400,000 people have been displaced. Aid agencies are trying to get food and water to the areas affected, Voice of America. Photo Gallery, CNN.

Newspaper columnist and former Nixon speechwriter William Safire died at the age of 79 on Sunday at a hospice in Rockville, Maryland. Safire was a libertarian and conservative and an expert on language usage, New York Times.

A police officer in Britain will be charged for assaulting a protestor during during last April’s G-20 protests in London. The assault was caught on video and posted on YouTube, BBC News. The protestor was attending a vigil for Ian Tomlinson, a newspaper vendor who died during the protests after being struck by a police officer. That assualt was also caught on video but no charges have been filed, Wikipedia.

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Moldovan Who Aided “Twitter Revolution” Charged

An activist in Moldova has been charged with inciting a “Twitter Revolution,” which has helped aid protests in the country over the last few days. Natalia Morar helped organize a flash mob to protest the elections on April 5th in which the Communist party won 50% of the vote, but many feel the results were manipulated, Wired. Protesters are using the tag #pman on Twitter to help organize protests. Take a look inside the Twitter Revolution, Wired.

The President of Fiji, Ratu Josefa Iloilo, has announced in a radio address that he has fired all judges, thrown out the Constitution, and assumed all power. This comes after the court decided the 2006 military coup that put Iloilo in power was illegal, Associated Press.

Although the UN has failed to agree on sanctions against North Korea for last week’s missile launch, Japan has announced their own against the communist country. They are extending economic sanctions against North Korea for another year and will impose other unspecified (at this time) measures, Associated Press.

The U.K. police officer who was caught on tape pushing Ian Tomlinson, the man who died at last week’s G20 protests, to the ground before he died has been suspended. The offcer apparently turned himself in, Sky News.

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Footage of Ian Tomlinson Being Pushed by Police Released

The Guardian UK has obtained footage of Ian Tomlinson being pushed to the ground by police, the man who collapsed and died on the first day of the G20 protests. In the footage, Tomlinson is walking home from work when police come upon him and knock him over. A protester is seen helping Tomlinson up, Guardian.

Fidel Castro has met with 3 U.S. lawmakers, his first meeting with American politicians since he became ill almost three years ago. The 3 are members of the Congressional Black Caucus and will give a report of the meeting to House Speaker Nancy Pelosi. There have been reports over the years that Castro is gravely ill, but Congresswoman Laura Richardson claimed he looked healthy and energetic, NY Times.

Protesters in Moldova have rioted against Parliament and stormed numerous building in the capital city of Chisinau. The protests result from accusations that the country’s recent elections were rigged and distrust of the government in one of the poorest European nations, LA Times.

Updates on today’s breaking news stories:

As reported earlier, central Italy has again been rocked by a 5.6 magnitude aftershock. There were reports of fresh buildings collapses and the death toll has risen to 235, Corriere Della Sera.

President Obama, in a suprise visit to Baghdad, was eagerly welcomed by American troops to who he spoke to, saying that it was time for Iraq to stand on its own feet, MSNBC.

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