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Human Rights Abuses Reported at Yesterday’s Guinea Rally

The death toll in Guinea after protesters were shot by government forces, reported last night, has reached 128. Human rights organizations have also received reports of bayonetings and of women being stripped and raped in the streets. Over 50,000 people were protesting yesterday after rumors began circulating that Junta head Captain Moussa Dadis Camara, who seized power in December 2008, was intending to run for president, BBC News.

Many towns in the Philippines are still under water and the death toll from Tropical Storm Ketsana has risen to 246. 100,000 people alone in the Manila area have been displaced and the city has been declared a “state of calamity.” The storm has now reached Vietnam, where it has claimed the lives of 23 people, New York Times.

Unfortunately, the Philippines is also bracing for more bad weather. A new storm is expected to near the country on Thursday and then make landfall later in the week on the island of Luzon, much in the same way as Ketsana, Reuters.

The White House has cleared 75 Guantanamo detainees for release. Most of those on the list were captured after the 2001 invasion of Afghanistan and Pakistan, Reuters.

A roadside bomb in Kandahar, Afghanistan has killed 30 people and injured another 39. The bomb struck a bus carrying Afghan civilians, and the bombing shows that civilian deaths are rising in the country. Nine women and seven children were among the dead, AP.

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Major General Says New Photos Show Sexual Abuse of Abu Ghraib Prisoners

Exclusively, the Daily Telegraph says a major U.S. general has told the paper that the Abu Ghraib photos President Obama has refused to release to the public show U.S. servicemen sexually abusing prisoners. A soldier is said to be seen raping a female prisoner in one set of photos, and in another a male translator is raping a male detainee, among other acts, Daily Telegraph.

A Taliban group in Pakistan has allegedly claimed responsibility for yesterday’s suicide bombing and attack that killed almost 30 people and wounder over 300 others. The Tehrik-i-Taliban Punjab group says they are the ones who opened fire on the crowd in Lahore. All three of the attackers were killed, one shot by police and the other two killed by the explosion. This attack comes only two months after a Lahore police academy was taken over by gunmen, Sky News.

The Barcelona football club beat England’s Manchester United today 2-0 to win the European Champions League final. Manchester United fell apart after Samuel Eto’o scored in the first minute. Lionel Messi, who is a contender to win this year’s Footballer of the Year award, secured the win with a goal in the 70th minute, BBC Sport.

Astronomers have discovered a supermassive black hole that can consume the equivalent of two Earths per hour. Black holes, which are so strong that they trap light, making them invisible, are believed to be at the center of almost all galaxies, Space.

A U.S. ship that served in WWII was sunk today off the coast of Florida to create an artifical reef. The project was 13 years in the making and will hopefully allow for marine life to grow so that fish have more sources for food, AP.

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Dallas Cowboys Facility Hit by Storm, 12 Injured

12 people were injured, at least 1 critically, when an air-supported roof over a Dallas Cowboys training facility collapsed during a storm. A CNN viewer sent in a picture of what appears to be an upside-down funnel cloud, but officials are not sure if a tornado touched down or not. CNN has terrifying video of the collapse here.

The execution of a young Iranian women who was found guilty of murder when she was 17-years-old has sparked outrage from human rights organizations. Amnesty International says Delara Darabi, who was hanged, didn’t receive a fair trial and was executed by prison officials even though an Iranian court had granted Darabi a two-month stay of execution. Darabi originally confessed to the crime, but has since recounted, saying she took the blame for her boyfriend, BBC News.

The official death toll from the swine flu has been lowered significantly and Mexican officials are hoping that the worst is over. 17 people have died from the flu, but fewer people are reporting symptoms and no deaths from the virus have occurred since Wednesday in the North American country. Meanwhile, the disease is spreading to other continents, but by all accounts, it is only the mild strain appearing outside of Mexico, NPR.

Mine That Bird, a 50-1 longshot, won the Kentucky Derby in spectacular fashion today. The upset ties for second place for the biggest upset in Derby history, tying 2005 winner Giacomo’s 50-1 odds and behind the 91-1 upset in 1913 when Donerail won the race, ESPN.

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2 Killed When Car Crashes Into Crowd at Queen’s Day Celebrations

A gunman killed 13 people at a oil training academy in Baku, Azerbaijan and wounded another 10. There are some reports that a lone gunman killed himself and others say that there were as many as four gunman, AP.

A California woman claims her late father was the Zodiac Killer. Deborah Perez says her dad Guy Ward Hendrickson killed at least two of the Zodiac Killer’s victims. The number of deaths attributed to the serial killer range from five to as many as 36. Perez says she helped write and send some of the Zodiac’s letters to San Fransisco newspapers and was present when her father killed Darlene Ferrin, 22, and wounded Michael Mageau, 19, Sky News.

The WHO has raised the pandemic level to ‘Phase 5,’ the second highest level. The swine flu has been confirmed in 11 U.S. states and President Obama said yesterday the government would shut down schools if needed, NPR. Mexico has shut down even more, with many businesses closing and “all nonessential activity” halting, MSNBC.

A BBC investigation has determined that soldiers in the Central African Republic killed possibly 30 civilians in February to deter rebels. The African country, like many on the continent, is subject to infighting between the government and insurgent groups. 18,000 civilians have fled to Chad, CAR’s northern neighbor, to escape the fighting. Human rights abuses are also being investigated in the area, BBC News.

An eight-year-old Saudi girl who was married to a man in his 50s to pay off her father’s debts has finally been given an annulment. Outrage was sparked worldwide earlier in the year when a judge refused to grant the girl a divorce, BBC News.

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NATO Summit, Protests Continue

NATO summit in full swing in Strasbourg, France. The primary focus of the summit is the conflict in Afghanistan. Russia’s relationship with the western world will also be discussed, Los Angeles Times. A new Secretary-General of the organization is expected to be elected, Associated Press has the list of top candidates. This year marks the 60th anniversary of NATO. Newest members Albania and Croatia were also officially welcomed at the summit, BBC News. Police in France are still holding 100 of the 300 protesters arrested yesterday. The German portion of the summit, in Baden-Baden and Kehl, is also marked by protest, though smaller than the protests in France, BBC News.

Google rumored to be in talks to buy Twitter. Twitter saw phenomenal growth last year but has yet to find a way to monetized its popularity, TechCrunch.

U.S. jobless rate up to 8.5%. 663,000 Americans lost their jobs in March, Bloomberg.

Congress approves similar budgets in the House and Senate. The two versions will be reconciled after a two week recess. No Republicans voted for the budget, which totals about $3.5 trillion, in either body, but Democrats still retained enough votes for the measures to pass, MSNBC.

Abousfian Abdelrazik, a dual Canadian and Sudanese citizen, who was picked up by the Canadian Intelligence Security Service (CISS) while visiting his sick mother in Sudan in 2003, continues to be held in limbo at the Canadian Embassy in Khartoum in Sudan. In detention, where he was interrogated and tortured by Canadian, American, and Sudanese agents, Mr. Abdelrazik’s Canadian passport expired. Though he has never been charged with any crime, the Harper government refuses to issue Mr. Abdelrazik a new passport, despite a claim in December 2008 that he would be allowed back into the country if someone would buy him a plane ticket home, Globe and Mail.

Han Wushan, a migrant worker from the Sichuan Province in China, blew himself up and injured two others with explosives at an office building in Urumqi in the western province of Xinjiang. Mr. Han believed he was owed waged for his work in Xinjiang for a road and bridge construction company in 2007, Telegraph.

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