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Science Saturday: Shuttle Returns to Earth

The Space Shuttle Discovery landed at Andrews Air Force base in California today after bad weather canceled the planned landing in Florida. The shuttle, with seven astronauts on board, had hooked up with the International Space Shuttle for a supply mission. You can see video of the shuttle landing at BBC News.

New computer scans show a giant eagle may have hunted humans before it went extinct 500 years ago. The Haast’s eagle lived in New Zealand and weighed around 40 pounds. The main evidence shows that the birds were not scavengers but predators who may have been able to target small humans. Scientists also say the findings support stories told in Maori lore about huge birds that could pick up small children, AP.

Discovery News: Top 5 Volcano Videos.

If there is one thing to see this week, look at the first photos from the Hubble Telescope since it was grounded for repairs. View them here.

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Featured: Science Saturday

Not much news today, so check out what’s going on in the science world this week.

  • The BBC takes a look at the interesting dynamic between humans and wildlife – specifically monkeys – on the island of Bali.
  • Funny story: the Apollo 11 astronauts had to go through customs after returning from their mission to the moon.
  • Read the Science Channel’s list of the top 10 accidental inventions (preview: plastic and Coca-Cola make the list).
  • The United Kingdom is considered creating their own space agency akin to NASA. They’re holding a 12-week public consultation where the public, academics, etc. can voice their opinions on the proposal. Read more here.
  • This year’s ‘dead zone’ in the Gulf of Mexico is actually smaller than initial predictions said, according to new reports. The dead zone, an area where there is not enough oxygen for plant and animal life to develop, is half the size it was originally believed to be, but is still about 3,000 square miles.
  • New images from the Hubble Telescope show debris from an object that hit Jupiter (likely a comet or asteroid). The large impact from the crash is very rare and appears to have left a gash in the planet. See the photo here.
  • Earlier this month, three new dinosaur species were discovered in Australia. They include two plant-eating and one carnivorous dinosaur, with the carnivore beating the Velociraptor in size.


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Space Shuttle Atlantis Lands Safely in California

The space shuttle Atlantis safely landed in California this morning after bad weather had previously put off attempts to land in Florida. Los Angeles residents were warned to expect sonic booms as the shuttle re-entered Earth’s atmosphere, CNN.

U.S. President Barack Obama has named former astronaut Retired Maj. Gen. Charles F. Bolden Jr. to head NASA. Bolden will oversees President Obama’s plan to return man to the moon by 2020, Washington Post.

Tamil Tiger rebels confirm that their leader, Velupillai Prabhakaran, is dead. The Sri Lankan government announced that they had killed Prabhakaran last week and showed images of his body. The BBC reports that a spokesman told the news agency the Tamil rebels would use nonviolent forms of protest in the future. Over 70,000 have been killed since the conflict began in 1983, BBC News.

30 people have been wounded in a shooting at a Sikh temple in Vienna, Austria. Five men entered the temple Sunday afternoon and started firing. All five are in police custody, New York Times.

A woman was raped in broad daylight in Riverfront Park in Spokane, Washington yesterday afternoon. Witnesses called the police with reports of lewd behavior. Police quickly determined that the sex was not consensual. The perpetrator has  been arrested on charges of 2nd degree rape, KREM.

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