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Poor Nations Stage Walk-out of Climate Talks

Complaining that developed countries aren’t doing enough to cut their own emissions, delegates from poor nations walked out on talks at the climate change summit in Copenhagen today, AFP. At issue is whether the 1997 Kyoto Protocol, which required wealthy nations to cut their emissions but was not signed by the United States, will be continued or ignored.

More than 100,000 people protested in the streets of Copenhagen over the weekend as the talks entered their second week, New York Times.

The 22nd anniversary of the political/militant group Hamas is being celebrated in Gaza City today with massive rallies, Al Jazeera. Who are Hamas?, BBC News.

Gunmen in the Philippines releases 47 hostages after securing promises from the government that they would not be arrested for the hostage-taking or for previous crimes, Al Jazeera.

Britain’s former director of public prosecutions, Ken Macdonald, issued a scathing condemnation of former British Prime Minister Tony Blair for his role in convincing the British people to accept joining the United States to invade Iraq in 2003, CNN. Macdonald’s editorial, Times Online.

Democrat Annise Parker, a Houston city controller who is also openly gay, defeated Republican Gene Locke in a run-off election to be mayor of Houston, Houston Chronicle.  Analysis of the race, including how Parker’s sexual orientation was not much of an idea, 538.

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Amid War, Obama Picks Up Nobel Peace Prize

In a formal ceremony at the Olso City Hall in Norway, U.S. President Barack Obama picked up his Nobel Peace Prize. Defending his involvement in the war in Afghanistan, Obama said, “the instruments of war have a role to play in preserving peace,” AFP. Transcript of Obama’s speech, Associated Press. In pictures, BBC News.

Dozens of villagers are being held hostage in the village of San Martin in Agusan del Sur province in the southern Philippines. The gunmen responsible are former members of a government-sponsored militia who are wanted by police for their involvement in violence related to feuds between local family clans. All children initially taken as hostages, as well as an elderly woman, were released last night. Negotiations resumed this morning for the remaining hostages. The gunmen are seeking to have their arrest warrants overturned,  Associated Press.

After several days of violent protests, India has announced that it will separate part of the southern state of Andhra Pradesh into a new state to be called Telangana. Calls for Telangana to become its own state date back 50 years, BBC News.

Today is Human Rights Day, a day that urges people to get involved in stopping discrimination and raising awareness about human rights, Voice of America.  Today, December 10, is the 61st anniversary of the adoption of the UN’s Universal Declaration of Human Rights. How to get involved, UN. A look back at human rights in 2009 from Human Rights Watch, Al Jazeera.

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